I Can’t Show You How Pink This Pink Is

I Can’t Show You How Pink This Pink Is

I can show a brighter pink. I can show a more saturated pink. But I can’t show you this pink. Not quite. More about Stuart Semple and his pigments: https://www.culturehustle.com/ [that’s his store, we overloaded Stuart’s personal web site, http://www.stuartsemple.com, within a few minutes…!]

(I reached out to Anish Kapoor’s studio twice for comment; I didn’t get any response.)

Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)

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20 Responses

  1. Tom Scott says:

    Colour grading this video was a nightmare! I’ve got as close as I can to the real colour – Stuart gave me a small pot of the pigment to take home! – but it’s just not quite there. It’s not more saturated, it’s not brighter, it’s just… a tiny bit more pink, somehow.

  2. indefinity says:

    Alt title: I can’t show you how not green this not green is.

  3. Jack Caboose says:


  4. ChaotiC says:

    we need the bluest blue

  5. harry hedgehog says:

    Drinking game: Take a drink every time someone says a colour

  6. The5lacker says:

    Maximum Overpink

  7. Soa fa says:

    damn, barbie would be proud

  8. Jacob Johansson says:


  9. Kenneth says:

    You’re one of the most underrated YouTuber ever. You do so much good and you’re British, which means you gain bonus subs just by talking.

  10. An Alt says:

    can you show how pink it isn’t?

  11. Stefan Teunissen says:

    I Can’t Show You How Tom Scott This Tom Scott Is

  12. Cedric Lot says:

    He also created the leftest left parted hairstyle!

  13. scrozzy says:

    There’s a bloke at work who’s said he’s seen a lot of pink too. I’ve no idea what he means.

  14. Katy Lawson says:

    It seems really weird to describe something as the “pinkest”. I can understand the darkest black, I can understand the brightest white, but I can’t wrap my head around the… pinkest of something. This is really odd.

  15. Julian Amrine says:

    Guys he’s seen *a lot* of pink ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. slaeshjag says:

    Slight technicality in your explanation: Video (including the one provided on youtube) is usually stored in the YUV colorspace. In practice, that means even worse color reproduction than RGB as more data tends to be allocated to brightness. I guess it was just out of scope for this kind of video?

  17. Will Parkinson says:

    Pink doesn’t sound like a word anymore.

  18. Mathew Brough says:

    you can’t see how haircut his haircut is

  19. kelan andersson says:

    If only we could explain colour via language. You cannot make someone imagine a colour they have never seen before 🙁

  20. Candi Soda says:

    Anish Kapoor seems like the douchiest douche

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