I can’t think of a worse day in Knicks franchise history – Stephen A. | Get Up

I can’t think of a worse day in Knicks franchise history – Stephen A. | Get Up

Stephen A. Smith comes to terms with the fact that the New York Knicks will not sign Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving in free agency this summer.

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68 Responses

  1. Jonathan Turgeon says:

    You know it’s bad when my Jazz had a better free agency then the Knicks ?

    • Stiltmans Stilt says:

      @Justin Sullivan wow good one..smh from a dude who prob has no clue who Julius Randle even is and gets his sports knowledge from whatever crap show Stephen A and Max kellerman do is called? U really got me good

    • chris star says:

      @Stiltmans Stilt the fact that your teams greatest feat is losing to the spurs in 1999, and you’re still talking about just wait for the young talent. Just wait? Its been 20 years how much longer do you want? Knicks are the Dallas cowboys of the nba, all the publicity and no achievements.

    • Joshua Abercrombie says:

      @Stiltmans Stilt NOP nuff said

    • Justin Sullivan says:

      Stiltmans Stilt I know who Randle is. And I know that adding him to a Knicks roster with zero star talent outside of the POTENTIAL of RJ Barrett, is still going to be the laughing stock of the NBA. As long as Dolan owns the Knicks, they will suck. Enjoy your shit team.

    • Cool Breeze says:

      @Asmosis Jones lmfao big facts they didnt do well this off season

  2. Hawaii 808 says:

    I was laughing just as hard as Richard Jefferson??. This was funny. All facts but funny af

  3. DaSkarekrow says:

    Even if Nets dont win a championship in 3 years (I hope they do) … even if they struggle for 2 years or fk, even if KD isn’t the same player as he was before, the misery that Stephen A is going through is all worth it….. Stephen got a good paycheck from ESPN but his Knicks still sucks…. what a world we live in!

    • Justin Sullivan says:

      DaSkarekrow he makes north of $3 million per year purely for his theatrics. He gets schooled by Max every morning on First Take, and he can’t correctly predict something to save his life. He makes great money for poor performance. His suffering is fun to watch.

  4. Clips 36 says:

    Richard Jefferson is straight trolling Stephen A and I love it! ?

  5. DANIEL DE LA CRUZ says:

    I actually feel bad for Stephen A. after yesterday. RIP NYK (1946-2019).

  6. I'm a little retarded says:

    Stephen definitely was thinking of missing work but realized how much he would get roasted so he showed up lmao

  7. Daniel Wang says:

    ESPN, or SOMEONE, please apply the snapchat baby filters!

  8. SulleyTV says:

    Bro somebody let me know what camera they use???? This quality sooooo perfect ??

  9. ESSJ333 says:

    SAS has a black cloud on him. The sound of his voice you can tell he was drinking hard last night.


    BREAKING NEWS: Kawhi just ate flying fish in Barbados & about to take a nap.

  11. kefashimon says:

    Brooklyn Nets should change their name, logo, and uniforms back to New York Nets lol

    • Mista Kixnlo_718 says:

      @Chill Vibes Nope!! NOBODY comes to America to see shit in Jersey!! ????

    • imaratspal says:

      @Jeffrey Lewis The franchise’s original name in the ABA when Dr. J first made his name was the New York Nets

    • Brendi Boi says:

      I don’t think they wanna be assiocated with New York Jets and Mets

    • Silver Skyscraper says:

      Jeffrey Lewis it was The New York Nets first…. Than the Jersey Nets….. I like Brooklyn way better than both those old names.

    • ReturnoftheBrotha says:

      When they were leaving NJ, NJ said “git!” They did not care then, so don’t try to claim them now. NJ should have never had an NBA team anyway, especially if they did not let CT have one.

  12. H1N1 says:

    The Knicks and MSG are only important to people in NY. The Knicks haven’t been relevant since Jordan and Reggie Miller were kicking their asses in the 90’s.

  13. Xhiril Dhul says:

    As a Bulls fan, I have been saying for years that the Knicks will never win a championship until Pippen/Starks/Ewing/Jordan one of them is no longer with us, imo. Scottie Pippens dunk and nut flex on Ewing destroyed the Knicks franchise.

  14. Jacob Wilson says:

    Curse of Charles Oakley Uncle oak the Knicks should have never treated Charles Oakley like that at the garden the Knicks will suck for another 20 years ? sell the team Dolan ✳️ the curse of Charles Oakley ?

  15. ryan sutter says:

    6:00 “tWaHnNy wAhN mIlLion dAwLlors” ?

  16. C Wilson says:

    Was tossing between loyalty to Knicks vs Nets, but after witnessing six security guards bring Knicks legend Charles Oakley to the ground and escort him out of the building. What up my Brooklyn Nets!!!

    • Dark Matter RA 7 says:

      Similar situation 4 me. The Oakley situation and how phil treated Melo. I didnt go 2 the Nets but I did watched way moor Kyrie and Harden games. Most Knicks fans watched Kidd Kenyon Jefferson & Vince anyway. Bittersweet

      Maat Hotep

    • MoneyMakinMitch says:


  17. Shabz says:

    The knicks have gone further back than stephen A’s hairline

  18. Illz says:

    its beautiful seeing stephen a in absolute shambles. Id watch espn 24-7 if this was all they showed. Well done NYK

  19. blinx 24 says:

    Richard Jefferson use to be a Nets and enjoy seeing Stephen A breakdown.

  20. Zay says:

    Look, the only way to reverse the curse of the knicks..

    Is to have the players wear timbs during games. That’s 10 championships right there.

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