I Captured Minecraft’s RAREST Mobs

I Captured Minecraft’s RAREST Mobs

I Collected Minecraft’s RAREST Mobs in Hardcore

– Watch this series from the beginning: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNE47lrStB8MjLM8kzxrU6KyOg8S9HSbE
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This series is inspired by Wadzee and Luke TheNoteable and Sandiction Hardcore Minecraft Series, as well as Mumbo Jumbo and Grian on the Hermitcraft server. yes I did steal this paragraph from Sandiction, he’s too good. I make massive projects and spend tens if not hundreds of hours on each video similar to Jahita or most others. This is minecraft hardcore, but it’s fast paced, and has insane mega builds and bases.


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26 Responses

  1. Jadyn Weber says:

    Best gamer out there!!!! Wait, what is mine craft???

  2. Blooh says:

    What a way for this series to end… Im sure the next season will be a whole lot better!

  3. Saint says:

    Man im new but i already love the dedication and energy that you put into every video!

  4. Josh chang says:

    19:49 “I can hear him but I can’t see him!” Just summed up the wardens entire life right there

  5. KingT says:

    this was a great video, but so much loss…. first techno, invisible spider jokey, and then the series. You were able to do so many amazing things this series and I’m sure next season will be twice as good!

  6. CoffeeFuelledGenius says:

    I felt that panic through my screen, we’ve all been there dude 😂 can’t wait to see where you take the new series!

  7. Izzy May IS ready says:

    I felt that panic through my screen, we’ve all been there dude 😂 can’t wait to see where you take the new series!

  8. Shlaq says:

    Dang this video was such a Banger Beppo! The concept was so original and the video really well made (i didn’t even know half of the mobs in the video existed lol). A bit sad for the end tho

  9. adminscz2 says:

    Tip: you will be safe on wool when you have a warden on you

  10. The Kettle says:

    The fact he took that in stride is the real amazing part, I had worlds that I did so much work in but I’m really bad at the game and they were hardcore

  11. dad awd says:


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