I caught my chicken sleeping on the job

I caught my chicken sleeping on the job

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20 Responses

  1. COOLLLU Awesome says:

    god damn i thought it was going to be dEAD

  2. Jorge Gonzalez says:


  3. SelfLoving says:

    lmfao xD

  4. Lester Luczak says:


  5. Rodrigo Uriel Montes says:

    Sonará estupido pero de algún modo me recuerda a mí

  6. origindirewolf says:

    Best video of 2016 so far

  7. Adrian Bridges says:

    Get back to work or its the deep frier for your ass

  8. Otaku_ Lover_ 101 says:


  9. MrZLinKY21 says:

    people are getting mad at areing this in their feed but ehy do they care if
    its a video you dont know just keep going and select not interested but for
    the video its actually kinda funny so I dont see why thered be so much hate
    for it

  10. Sh hhh says:

    das not a chikin

  11. ronnie ssebaggala says:

    Why doesn’t my cock get up that fast when I want it to?

  12. HeroLady says:

    I thought the chicken was dead at first

  13. A Person says:

    It’s a Cock!!!!!!

  14. ElsaMagicSparkle says:

    umm XD dont know how i got here but it looked funny so XD

  15. Andrea Deleon says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so cute!

  16. Derpy Chicken says:

    That’s my uncle.

  17. The Gaming Box says:

    What’s that? A tasty snack? You don’t want to eat a snack like that.

  18. SuperTeddypain says:

    that was me in my job on Tuesday morning.

  19. Sgt926 says:

    Bahahahaha better than catching an employee asleep in a cubicle ^_^

  20. Robert Parker says:

    lol dick move.