I Created YouTubers Their Own Fortnite Skin!

I Created YouTubers Their Own Fortnite Skin!

► I Created NickEh30 & Tfue Their Own Fortnite Skin!
Today I created Fortnite Skins for @NickEh30 and @TTfue to then suprised them with the skins! Subscribe 🙂

(massive shoutout!)
Concept artist: https://twitter.com/sharktoofs1

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► This video is family friendly / kid friendly!

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28 Responses

  1. Trimix says:

    Who should I do next? Subscribe <3

  2. Nick Eh 30 says:

    Even though the emote isn’t family friendly, I rate it 10 EHs out of 10! EHHHHHmazing! 👌🏻

  3. Peter Anderson says:

    Absolute legend, both skins were incredible, I think nicks jaw and mouth was a bit off but nothing is perfect, amazing props to you, tfue was not as nice as he could’ve been and tfues skin was the better one, tfue honestly felt a bit rude there.

  4. Crimson Stormsurge says:

    Tfue could have at least been grateful lmao. Honestly these skins look incredible wish they were real

  5. sharktoofs says:

    It was so sick to work with you! Thanks again for the opportunity, this was an awesome video! 🙂

  6. VSouls Sey says:

    these look so good tbh you are an amazing 3d artist keep up the amazing work and i love how epic does icon skins its such a good way of thanking the creators

  7. Bleu Eggos says:

    If Nick and Typical Gamer is not next in the icon series then I don’t know what’s the process is but great job on the designs

  8. Navi Bhagrath says:

    Trimix never disappoints us

  9. Yogesh Bhurtel says:

    You really put a lot time and effort into your videos and its really fun to watch
    I Wish i could help you somehow but cant do anything from my region , so here’s a like and comment for the algorithm

  10. Mustard Plays says:

    Haha, Nick’s reaction is amazing!

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