I Crossed Europe In A Perfectly Straight Line – Day 1

I Crossed Europe In A Perfectly Straight Line – Day 1

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29 Responses

  1. @airrack says:

    Grab a hoodie before you run out of TIME ⏰ https://airrack.shop

  2. @Ball_247 says:

    No better way to end this year with Airrack content… please Airrack, don’t fail the challenge 😭🙏

  3. @ncd2164 says:

    I’m genuinely SO SURPRISED BY THE PRODUCTION QUALITY and the effort u put into making these fantastic videos for us!

  4. @olafplays says:

    As someone who crosses the street, I see this as an Absolute Win.

  5. @JackSmith-yj4sz says:

    I’m so excited for this series. I know it’s gonna be like Ryan Trahan’s 30 day penny series again.

  6. @christinawestlake says:

    Only episode one and I’m already in love with the series.

  7. @danieloneill3708 says:

    Eric is gonna go places. These 30 day challenges are amazing

  8. @AnteqMemes says:

    If every video this month is gonna be this good than Airrack will impress me.

  9. @fumundadeez says:

    This series gonna go crazy

  10. @sparwhal says:

    When I thought Airrack couldn’t get any better, he pulls out this epic video series

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