I CUT MY OWN HAIR! Carli Bybel

I CUT MY OWN HAIR! Carli Bybel

Do you like my haircut?!! 😀

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Hi my beauties!!! Today I decided to CUT MY HAIR! Since It’s been WAY to long since I’ve cut these locks, I decided to film it 🙂 I’ve been technically trying to grow out my hair since 9th grade. I have had so many complications – Japanese straightening, tons of bleach and tons of heat damage. So the struggle has been REAL! I’ve been cutting my own hair for about 6 years or so.. maybe even longer actually. I always had bad experiences when I went to someone for a haircut so I forced myself to learn!

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*Keratin treatment I have done in the past is called GK Keratin
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20 Responses

  1. Amina says:

    First thing I did was go through the video and do a fast check to see if you only TRIMMED or really cut it short 😅

  2. Aileen Hinojosa says:

    Carli Bybel How can you maintain your hair so healthy or what do you use like treatment because it looks so healthy can you tell me please ??????

  3. veronicacntrn says:

    You are so beautiful! Everytime i watch your videos i feel like a potato.

  4. Vanity White says:

    click bait!

  5. Allison Casey says:

    Carli what dye do you use and color???!! I must know 😩😩😭😩

  6. Ileana Ibarra says:

    Omg carli!! I swear u scared the shit out of me when u played the ring girl she’s my worst nightmare my energy is drained lmao 😂 still good hair cut video

  7. itsss Angie says:

    she’s always given me a Megan Fox vibe😍

  8. JazzMarie Pascual says:

    I freaked out when I saw this on Snapchat!!! I was like NOOO!! 😮😣 But your hair is beautiful no matter what you do, seriously it’s stunning how healthy and long it is. I LOVE YOUUU 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  9. Emily Wiggins says:

    I’m turning 16 soon (going to be a junior in high School) and my mom still doesn’t trust me to cut my own hair. I cut all of my families hair and they all agree that I should be a hairstylist but for some reason she only lets me cut my bangs…. what…….???

  10. KK R says:

    She did a very bad job .. Still nice hair

  11. JazzMarie Pascual says:

    If Megan Fox and Kim K had a baby= Carli Bybel

  12. April Dominguez says:

    I literally got so scared at the Ring scene lmao

  13. Pink Haired Chick says:

    The cat was like “WTF Why is my human chopping all of her fur off” the whole time lmao

  14. Jenn Jenn says:

    ughhh i wish my hair was that long and silky😭😭😭

  15. Samantha Owen says:

    Your hair is my fucking religion

  16. Maura Tuley says:

    I love Carli but am I the only one that thinks her hair is excessively long lol

  17. Luz Gambino says:

    Can you please do a tanning video Carli? 😍

  18. ass ass says:

    my hair looks like a dead shit compared to hers

  19. Akeela1 2 says:

    I love you but god as a hairdresser this makes me cringe .. your body position the way you hold your hair when you cut it those shears .. 😩😩😩😩 please everybody go see a professional and remember you get what you pay for

  20. Natasha Rowland says:

    Carli! is the the GK keratin treatment for making your hair grow or is it just purely to straight and mange frizzy hair ? . I needed to know. I had the chop last year and want my hair this length again xx

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