I Designed Custom Minecraft Weapons…

I Designed Custom Minecraft Weapons…

More Redesigns: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSh10HLKI-DjA3Rbn8puAh-_sUwA8Gq0x
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Alright so in this video I made some custom minecraft weapons and got a pro mod developer to react to/review my designs. I ended up making some overpowered axes and a grappling hook. they turned out really good! Mrbeast playbutton is fully planned out, I’m currently making it in between videos

My name’s daniel and I design things. Usually I do 3d modeling in blender but I’m now a metal worker thanks to mr beast apparently??? Who knows what I’ll design in the future. If you have any ideas please let me know

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31 Responses

  1. Daniel Krafft says:

    Huge shout out to Wejna for making the chainhook mod! Their discord link is in the description

  2. BoP says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever missed one of your new videos, they are just so fun and nice to watch honestly.

  3. Aayla Breast Vlogs says:

    Absalutely Beautiful, I’ve been messing with mods for around 3 years now and these are some of the best weapons I have ever seen, even better than avaritia and a lot more Infinity/10

  4. 3nVeY says:

    Easily some of the coolest models yet. Great job.

  5. PlainSailingWeather says:

    When this series is done, we need the mod dev to put all these designs you’ve made in every video, into a pack and then you play through it

  6. DontBeBad says:

    This is one of my favourite videos because there are hardly any people who do 3d packs compare to the amount of people who do 2d.
    Some of the coolest textures i’ve ever seen

  7. MothTheArtist says:

    It’s always so cool to see how much work goes into making things in games, good job!

  8. TheGuyWhoAsked825 says:

    “i made a axe to help australians defend against spiders”
    holy crap as an australian i found that extremely helpful, theres no more spiders within 1cm of me anymore!

  9. IJustExist says:

    @Daniel Kraft make a trident fused with the heart of the sea that’ll do the regular stuff, and gives you a higher luck on fishing and makes guardians and elder guardians passive. And maybe a spear as well and you can fuse it with a lightening rod so…pretty self explanatory

  10. Ivan the Creator says:

    your models are insane i just wanna give a huge props for your work it is absoloutely beautiful

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