I did a dopamine fast because the internet told me to

I did a dopamine fast because the internet told me to

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the app I talk about around the 18 minute mark is called ScreenZen (not screensin, which it sounds like is what I’m saying lol)

00:00 – intro
02:03 – phone box
04:53 – dopamine fast
11:22 – other wellness apps
18:36 – dopamine slow
26:22 – food box

transition song:
Strfkr – Recess Time


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41 Responses

  1. Margaret. Fitzpatrick says:

    I can’t tell if this guy is funny or if I just need to poop

  2. Jason Glover says:

    The irony of me watching you go on a dopamine fast for my shot of instant dopamine is fascinating

  3. zanny says:

    this just became a twitter and netflix rant 😂

  4. Joel Haver says:

    The long guy is standing in front of running subway child

  5. MLE J says:

    As someone with diagnosed ADHD all these stupid apps and planners targeted towards us are so predatory. Thanks for bringing this up!

  6. Victoria Harbison says:

    seeing drew wear an apple watch while he’s talking about his no screens day is the cherry on top of this video

  7. g-man is egg-man says:

    hey drew thanks for donating me all your dopamine! It has been a great week.

  8. Diego Chavez says:

    Drew judging me for stupidly staring at subway surfers while he was talking made me respect him even more tbh

  9. KM says:

    as someone who also used to be addicted to twitter, I had the same “but I don’t want to miss out on what everyone is talking about!” concern as Drew. The thing that helped the most was realizing, like, no— no, I *do* want to miss out actually because nothing good has ever been talked about on that hellsite

    • Cookie says:

      @theacp127 agreed. I had twitter for a week just to see what it was like and I was actually sad lmao, like it actually made me sigh when I opened it. Quitting it, even though it was only a week, was brilliant

    • theacp127 says:

      That’s probably why I never got into Twitter or Reddit for that matter in the first place. I don’t care at all what random strangers are talking about online. If I do, I’ll just look it up, read what I want, and move on. I’ll open those websites like once a month.

    • Cookie says:

      And honestly, as someone who doesn’t use twitter, all the important things you’ll hear about anyway, and it’ll be through like memes or a youtuber or something, and it’ll be told in a much less depressing way

    • savannah says:

      @my side acc Lol I really only followed other artists and nothing else but that didn’t work at all I just ended up seeing drama all day at some point…that had nothing to do with the people I was following. Twitter just assumed I’d like it.

  10. Aeryn says:

    I’m a stage actor and I was having trouble figuring out where to put cheekbone contour. Then I realized that you’re the perfect example of where contour should go— you have very defined cheekbones! I’ve been using you as a reference, and my contour is finally on point! Thank you for your service, Drew!

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