I Don’t See Color – A Makeup Tutorial | Jackie Aina

I Don’t See Color – A Makeup Tutorial | Jackie Aina

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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time 🙂
Phil 4:13

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47 Responses

  1. Andrea Caselles says:

    “You have iPhone extension cord” dead HAHAH
    Edit: Would absolutely love for you to come out with a foundation line. I’m sure you would kill it.

  2. 1d trash says:

    “i don’t see colour”

    so, if you met two girls and they were both white and one was blonde and one was brunette but you didn’t get there names, you’re trying to tell me you wouldn’t talk about them after as the blonde one and the brunette one? that’s colour if i’ve ever heard it. it’s not offensive at all to distinguish based on hair colour.

    same scenario but swap same race and different hair to same hair but different race. didn’t catch their names, so you distinguish them on the colour of their skin because it’s obvious, easy to see and recognisable. NO OTHER REASON.


    people have been discriminated against because of their skin colour but that doesn’t mean the topic needs tiptoed around.

    it’s not even people of colour who are making a big deal, it’s WHITE people. STOP TRYING TO BE SO INOFFENSIVE BECAUSE ITS STUPID AND CONDESCENDING. people of colour KNOW they’re people of colour and they AREN’T ASHAMED. stop making it something not to be spoken about.

  3. Evelin Irene says:

    The way you delivered this message changed my perspective. Never in my life thought of myself as someone who was against POC but I never bring up topics like this or I try to dodge conversations like these because I know how intense and serious they can get, so I how I viewed it before was “keep your opinions/beliefs to yourself, you don’t want problems with anyone”. Sometimes I even felt indecisive to speak up for people of other races other than my own because I was afraid to get backlashed with the fact that I’m not that certain race to even be able to say anything, which is true. But I also want to speak up and be vocal on what’s important and what needs to be heard. I’m a Latina, I take great pride in my people and our culture. I really loved this video Jackie, thank you ❤️

    • Kayla Whaley says:

      Evelin Irene good comment. We actually like when people talk about race , ask questions etc. that’s why it’s always uncomfortable for non poc to have these conversations cause they never ever talk about it.. blacks people talk about race their entire life growing up

    • ambercharmayne says:

      Evelin Irene plz start it will help

    • Rhiannon May says:

      Evelin Irene retweet! I’m the same way, it’s something I need to work on.

  4. glo mongali says:

    This is obviously going to be an uncomfortable Video for many,but it’s about time.Somebody needed to stick their neck out to go there and Jackie once again rose to the occasion.Kudos my girl.I know you stand to loose a lot with the stand you are taking,and as a WOC I don’t take it for granted.God bless and OPen doors for you.

  5. Lexi Martia says:

    I live for a professional and classy drag. 💅🏾

    “Would you be black for a Day if color doesn’t matter?!” 🗣SAY IT AGAIN FOR THEM SIS!!!! 🗣THEY NOT LISTENING!!!

  6. April Bee says:

    I love that you are not afraid to speak the truth! Thank you for this video.

  7. Taylo Mannetti says:

    I appreciate this woman ❤️

  8. Britt says:

    Jackie Aina: THE GOAT beauty vlogger

  9. Nicole Cowell says:

    The only time saying “I don’t see color” is appropriate is if you are genuinely color blind.

  10. Osato Nosakhare says:

    “Would you be black for a day?” Wow Wow Wow! Preacchhhh Jackiee

  11. - A says:

    My favorite is when white people say “See, black people are the ones who are racist. They’re always bringing up race.” As if white people’s inability to recognize and appreciate other races and skin tones somehow makes them /not/ racist.

  12. Hannah Foster says:

    i’ve never really liked kylie but she left a super sour taste in my mouth whenever i saw a video of her and jordyn demoing some new lip colours. kylie had made one for jordyn and named it after her star sign or something and jordyn was so excited but it turned out to be this pale ass nude that looked like shit on her. but kylie was just like “oh i love this one on me”. like bitch are you for real. you made a lip colour that your bff can’t even fucking wear cos you didn’t for one second think about her skin tone. so wild to me that kim and kylie of all people can’t seem to get shit right. they love black men and have/are having black babies and love latching onto black styles but the minute it comes to making something FOR black people (or darker skinned people in general) they fall flat.

  13. lizlizlive says:

    I hear truth and facts only. Preaaach !!!

  14. ccandidglam says:

    Wow, this was so powerful. I hope everyone who uses the “I don’t see color” cop out watches this video.

  15. Tré Melvin says:


  16. Coils of Love says:

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 2018 People of Color are coming for their goddamn recognition! You will not ignore us or be passive aggressive…I’m not with the shits.

    • C Y N T H I A says:

      Coils of Love 👏👏👏

    • MyOwnDesign says:

      Coils of Love holly shit. I don’t care if you’re black, yellow or white, if you act like a piece of garbage, you are a piece of garbage. And yeah. What you said was racist. You say that person worth is based on the skin color! Go on, and get recognition, we already know that negros exist.

  17. Kimberley J says:

    “Would you be black for a day?… a week?” Most would answer no and that shows that they understand the obvious issues that Black people face on a day to day basis.

  18. CarissaEllyn says:

    Honestly, when I was younger I used to be like “I don’t see color” and then FUCK as I got older I realized how ignorant and dumb that is. I was basically saying “I don’t see issues that don’t affect me” and yikes. Anyway, thank you for doing this!!! 💙💙💙 congrats on 2 million, I’m so glad you got this. Keep using your platform to speak up and thank you for doing this again. 💙💙💙

  19. Jamiya Shine says:

    “Eggshell, cream & iPhone extension cord” 😂😂😂😂 I’M OUT!

  20. Oluwayemisi Shawnté says:

    Oh my LordiLord!!!😂😂😂

    I freakin love you Jackie! You’re genius🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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