I Drove to Every Rainforest Cafe in North America

I Drove to Every Rainforest Cafe in North America

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I decided it would be a good idea to drive to every Rainforest Cafe in North America. You shouldn’t be surprised this is on brand for me. Thanks to my buddy @Eddy Burback for joining me on this trip, and check out his video if you haven’t seen it yet!

Thanks to all of the friends who joined us on this trip!
@Danny Gonzalez
@Drew Gooden
@Sinjin Drowning
Maya Higa: https://twitter.com/mayahiga
also check out Alveus Animal Sanctuary: https://www.alveussanctuary.org/

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If you see this comment: “Nothing better than a plate of Safari Fries at the Rainforest Cafe, Ted!”

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31 Responses

  1. Eddy Burback says:

    sometimes i close my eyes and I’m still trapped on the road headed toward a mall

  2. Animagician says:

    this video is awesome, but i think you only really get the true experience of EITHER video after you’ve watched both. there is nothing funnier than watching Ted lose his mind over the 12th rainforest cafe while you know at that exact same time Eddy was three rainforest cafe business cards away from becoming the American psycho

  3. yakkocmn says:

    This short film has further reinforced the dynamic of an awkward family road trip, with Eddy playing the role of the pessimistic, divorced father taking his starry-eyed son Ted on a road trip across the States to every Rainforest Cafe. The acting was so good at certain points that it almost seemed like the emotions were real… fantastic work by the cast and crew.

  4. Dad says:

    Dad loves the rainforest cafe! Dad is jealous

  5. Dialask Isel says:

    Comparing this video to Eddy’s stylistically is quite fascinating. Yours has the better production value and feels a bit more “travel channel-esque” (in a good way). His has the more cohesive narrative and emotional payoff. Comparing the differences really could make for a good class in documentary filmmaking.

    • vantedante says:

      Funny you bring up travel channel because his narrative and commentary style totally reminded me of Anthony Bourdain

  6. Camila says:

    Eddy’s initial thoughts: “I like it hear”

    Eddy’s final thoughts: “I’m going to enjoy it because it’s the last one, I just wanna be done with the trip! Just don’t even talk to me until we get there”

    Ted: *”I had been a fool”*

  7. whobee says:

    Eddy in his video: “how is he still so happy”
    Ted: “I’m basically a professional roadtripper”

  8. C:/Users/Grass says:

    Ah, the memories. As an animal obsessed kid, I remember this place being a magical experience.
    As a “wildlife is cool” adult, this now looks like sensory overload.

  9. Hat _ says:

    I swear, every time Ted’s gonna talk about his car, we always gotta hear its year, brand and model. Every single damn time.

    • Alice Joanna says:

      @Oscar Salguero whatcha getting with that money?

    • Maxxam812 says:

      @Alice Joanna You can get a Taco pretty cheap. There readily available at this place called Taco Bell. Don’t know if you heard of them.

    • Oscar Salguero says:

      Yup, I just sold mine :,( but they gave me an offer I just could not refuse. $16,000 for a 1999 Toyota Tacoma 4wD Pre-Limited TRD. I’m going to miss that truck so much 🫡

    • Alice Joanna says:

      @Ted Nivison the craziest thing is, I know a lot of people that would SHOVEL money out for a 2002 Toyota Tacoma in Forest Green. Tacos are highly sought after.

    • Ted Nivison says:

      I don’t understand, it’s my 2002 Toyota Tacoma, and I gotta make sure people know that’s what it is

  10. NotDominic says:

    I would have made sure that the ONLY food I could eat on the trip would be at a rainforest cafe, just to raise the stakes of making it to the next one in time.

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