I duped 3,600,000 items in Minecraft… here’s why

I duped 3,600,000 items in Minecraft… here’s why

the server thought they patched every exploit, so we found a dupe to end it all…

spoke being silly: https://twitter.com/spokeishere
spoke talking: https://discord.gg/rvkqzncuGJ

Chris Christodoulou

A Minecraft video made by Spoke or SpokeIsHere on other platforms! Enjoy!

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20 Responses

  1. Cocoecake says:

    Finally the duping’s side POV- really shows how you’re always the hero in your own story

  2. Dominic Ye says:

    Spoke posting on both his main and 2nd channel makes any good day great!

  3. Miguel Angel says:

    Thank u spoke for making these vids, i know how much time it take to make them and upload

  4. JSiscool123 says:

    I love how they had shulkers upon shulkers of hearts, yet Spoke still remained at 12. Also I saw parrots vid of his side, and it’s amazing to see urs.

  5. hellotherechild says:

    This dude is fastly becoming my life.

  6. Eden Barker says:

    Spoke: “replay mod is probably cheating, and that’s bad.”

    Also spoke: “I was having trouble, so I installed a hack client.”

  7. Dexten says:

    I love how when they killed parrot they didn’t think anything of the warped planks that he had

  8. Kea Gaming says:

    14:03 Spoke: This is bad we shouldn’t do this.
    Also Spoke: Let’s dupe!

  9. CamoEye says:

    Finally a video addressing the duping was made thank you spoke!

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