I Excavated a Fossil Site

I Excavated a Fossil Site

digging for dinosaurs is fun
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26 Responses

  1. LEVI ネ says:

    I feel like Ryan actually makes videos he enjoys, like it’s so random with a 10 minute video about fossils, but he makes it so interesting and entertaining

  2. Steven He says:

    My dad fought that dinosaur on his way to school

  3. Just Some Gal Who Hates Mustaches says:

    I absolutely love Ryan’s spirit, his confidence, and joy he brings to us in every video

  4. WallieTube says:

    Petition For Ryan To Do A Pennies Series Around The World! 🌎

  5. InStrong Workout says:

    Ryan is just an amazing example how high quality content should look like.
    Bro hoge thank you for helping to find my passion in making youtube videos! hope one day i’ll become as great as you!

  6. Joselyn says:

    i love how genuinely excited andre gets when they find something. hes probably been doing this job for years but he still gets excited anytime they find anything ❤️

  7. Cliffk82 says:

    *I love how Ryan brings good luck to everyone, great job Ryan!*

  8. Heyoo says:

    The ending was so sweet and wholesome, I wish theres a lot more people like her

  9. wizard6133 says:

    I could listen to Ryan talk about anything, He’s just so authentic and genuinely interested in what ever content he’s filming.. which makes me more interested.

  10. Aishie says:

    I don’t understand how ryan can make anything entertaining and fun to watch

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