I Exposed the Server’s Biggest Secret

I Exposed the Server’s Biggest Secret

There is a secret lurking beneath this server. After finding 15 netherite blocks in a chest, I decided that I needed to uncover it.

LifeSteal Members in this Video: @Leowook @reddoons @ItzSubz @TheTerrain@McClutchYT @Woogie

Discord: https://discord.gg/VeVDgNgv8V
LifeSteal Discord: https://discord.gg/lifesteal

Like ParrotX2 and his LifeSteal SMP Series where he broke bedrock or blew up 2000 TNT. Not Technoblade / TommyInnit / or any other Dream SMP member. This is a new and original Minecraft idea like HermitCraft or LastLife with Grian and MumboJumbo. Survival is harder than Hardcore Minecraft because PVP is on.

A Minecraft video made by Parrot or ParrotX2 on other platforms! Enjoy! This was made on LifeSteal SMP Season 4.

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28 Responses

  1. BrickPuncher says:

    I honestly can’t wait to see the next chapter of this story. Parrot will be back, and at full hearts, so the level of threat that he is is going to increase ninefold, because if he can survive on one heart (minus gapple hearts), he’s obviously got a lot of experience when it comes to combat and stealth.

  2. LilmontrZ says:

    It is insane to me how Parrot can be this creative when minecraft content in general has been in its peak for years. Lifesteal SMP is not only the deadliest, but consists of the most creative, insane people, making it the greatest SMP series I’ve ever seen.

  3. kappuccinokat says:

    THIS VIDEO IS SO GOOD!! What I love about this season of lifesteal is that it’s developed so much of a continuous storyline, and the way you’ve structured the last few videos makes it feel like this story the viewers can follow. And the music choice was excellent.

  4. Larva Heroes says:

    Your videos really make my week. Thank Parrot!!

  5. DiagonalBricks says:

    The amazing thing up about life steal is that every video feels like a movie! I love how good everyone is at telling their story

  6. Querstyy says:

    Man, this is so exciting every time a new episode comes out. You always leave us on cliffhangers LOL

  7. Reddoons says:

    1:15 in my defense, they were very nice lookin netherite

  8. MrCube6 says:

    Oh my gosh dude this is such a good video even with the cliffhanger!!! Bro fire stuff my dude

  9. Cornbean101 Henderson says:

    Parrot, you are one of the few creators that get an instant click from me. Thank you for being awesome!

  10. Bobyhobby0302 says:

    Parrot needs to keep up this consistent upload schedule. We all love it and I know I’m not the only one who wants this.

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