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20 Responses

  1. Tarush Maniktala says:

    Old one is way better sorry

  2. Whatthefuck Whtff says:

    Old mic sounds better

  3. Brendan Me says:

    I like the old microphone much better. Sorry Casey.

  4. melimsah says:

    Gotta agree with some people – the old “probably broken” mic sounded best.
    The new mic sounded just like the built-in mic – I could actually hear the
    camera or something whirring in the new mic. Not so good.

  5. Jan tyarks Casey says:

    sorry casey for making u a bad day **but** the probely broken is the best

  6. Anjir Hossain says:

    wow Amalia

  7. Mark Holmes says:

    I feel like I am not doing Casey’s video justice by watching it while

  8. ilya m. says:

    Man working at Beme must be awesome
    “Hey can you hack this for me”

  9. zavirca says:

    1.5 million subscribers, congrats Cassey.
    Loved the old Mic the new one sounds the same as the on board mic :-(

  10. Luvin Our Life Vlogs says:

    Broken one sounds better. New mic and naked mic sound the same xD

  11. nathan schommer says:

    Sorry to break it to ya, new microphone sucks.

  12. oscxrx says:

    The broken one was the best

  13. TheEarnit3 says:

    Honestly, the broken mic sounds much better than the cam’s built in and
    your new $250. I could not hear the difference between the built in and
    your new mic – they sounded identical! The audio from the new mic is poorer
    quality than the broken one. The new mic also picks up so much background
    noise. it’s bad.

  14. Vods Gaming says:

    FaZe Carl’s girlfriend was there :D

  15. Honza Sestak says:

    The fancy one sounds exactly like the built-in. the best is the old
    (probably broken) one.

  16. Walter Turner says:

    the old one

  17. Devinderjit brar says:

    To be truthful the old one in my opinion is better,

  18. Joshua Salazar says:

    Old is best!

  19. Nic Thurrowgood says:

    Old mic sounds best

  20. coleski123 says:

    Old mic sounds better new one sucks ass