I Filmed Christmas Movies Written by Robots.

I Filmed Christmas Movies Written by Robots.

To celebrate the holiday season and my love for Christmas movies, I wanted to see what would happen if I trained an AI bot to write scenes from Christmas movies that do not exist. Enjoy!

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thanks for watching!

comment “just let it go” if ur reading this


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36 Responses

  1. dora says:

    the fact that ai made home alone basically a horror movie shows way more intelligence than i like it having

  2. TheMakeupChair says:

    When I was kid, My uncle asked my cousin’s boyfriend to pick up a movie we could all watch, on a huge projector screen, outside, as a family, the ages ranged from 7-70. That guy picked Bad Santa. He knew nothing about it but thought it would be suitable…it definitely wasn’t…it’s not a family friendly movie. 😂

  3. Blue says:

    them picking up the kid by the neck and telling him to let the thing go, i was crying lmaooo

  4. The Kitty Que says:

    Marcus and Willie just tormenting this random child and saying “let it go” over and over is just too funny to me

  5. Devon S. says:

    my existential dread about AI learning to be human is largely relieved by this video, thanks kurtis 🙂 also the end-of-year recap was so sweet 🥺

  6. Sigillum_Diaboli says:

    Tim being happy about getting to have Tim for Christmas is the level of self love we should all aspire for tbh

  7. Amelia Paine says:

    The sincerity in the delivery of the line at 15:52 alone is enough to make Banada Bada my favorite. I can’t imagine what the blooper reels are like for these scenes

  8. schmi says:

    Kurtis’ videos are always the best to watch when you’re eating.

  9. Ti Ming Yan says:

    Another nice thing abt this vid is that even if you’ve never seen any of these movies and have no context at all, it’s still extremely hilarious

  10. moomew_ says:

    this whole video is literally a fever dream. not even kidding, had a fever last night and watched this, the weird text made me think i dreamed this all up.

    imagine my shock when i hesitantly open my phone after trying to go back to sleep for an hour, wince at how the brightness gives me a bigger headache and see kurtis on my screen pronouncing “Hiraro Harie”

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