I FINALLY Played WWE 2K22, Here’s What I Honestly Thought

I FINALLY Played WWE 2K22, Here’s What I Honestly Thought

I Finally Played WWE 2K22, Here’s What I Honestly Thought

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42 Responses

  1. L321 says:

    The question should be, is WWE 2K22 better or an improvement over WWE 2K19. As 2K19 is one of the best WWE games in recent years and 2K have had all this time to make a better overall WWE game. 2K20 shouldn’t even be compared as it was a complete failure. From what I got from this video, the answer is no 😲

    • tentoesdown says:

      It maybe not as good content wise as 19 but damn sure is a step up and step in the right direction core gameplay wise loll me and the homies had fun lol took me back to the svr 08-09 days or even 12 . It feelings challenging because you have to guess what move your opponent is doing like wwf no mercy kind of

    • Superwind45 says:

      I honestly think 2k22 is an absolute improvement from 2k19 because it features more things to do, plus it’s refreshing with the new camera angles and such.

      2k19 was alright, it got us through some hard times, but 2k22 is an absolute improvement from 19 and 20.

    • Erick Seabrook says:

      2k19 was definitely on of my more favorite games from 2k

    • BoricuaBoy88 says:

      @Canadian Hockey Fan I mean, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it:

      I’m not so sure that the devs arent pro wrestling fans. One of the fundamentals in the sport that you see literally everyone do is the headlock-irish whip counter sequence. So…..🤷‍♂️

    • Canadian Hockey Fan says:

      In WWE 2K22 you have to collar and elbow tie up before every move (except signatures and finishers), you even have to sit through the grapple animation to perform a simple Irish whip. This game was clearly made by people who don’t even watch professional wrestling, this game is garbage.

  2. d says:

    Chris’ face says it all about how happy he is. I can’t wait for Chris danger to return.

  3. Kabuki says:

    Part of me wants to hope that they’ve kept it very minimal to get feedback and release a few updates in the future since the team seemed like they were prioritizing our feedback while developing the game but the realistic side me doesn’t see that happening.

  4. Delzinski says:

    Thank you! Combine the modes! Enough of this Universe Mode is a sandbox mode so you can’t really see it with GM aspects. Been saying this for so long, and feeding back so long. Give Universe some love!

    • Rob Gum says:

      It’s nuts man, you’d think they’d seriously listen to the demands after alll these years.

    • Battousai the king slayer says:

      @_ Alexdez bro universe mode and gm are literally one in the same where tf you think the u inverse mode idea came from. combine both of the best of each mode and give players the option to do either or it’s not that hard lmao

    • _ Alexdez says:

      But how would it work ? Wouldn’t it be just erasing universe mode ? Because if we add budget and restrictions to universe mode, it becomes just a GM mode. Why not making the universe mode more like the one from WWE 12, where it’s more fun to play just one superstar, and authorize the player to use cutscenes from it in gm mode. Still two modes, with two different goals

  5. Peter says:

    Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I’m honestly glad MyFaction isn’t online and kinda hoping it stays that way. I like the concept of a pack-opening mode, but Ultimate Team and microtransactions is a big part of what ruined Madden. That was EA’s money-maker and it became all they cared about, so the rest of the game suffered because of it. Really don’t want to see that happen to WWE, so I’m very apprehensive about MyFaction. Keeping it offline will hopefully prevent as much real money from being spent on it so 2K doesn’t end up going all in on it and giving up on other game modes.

  6. EliTeBigBommer says:

    This is honestly a win in my opinion, they got the building blocks down and they can always update the game to add things. Just got to have hope that they can get the wwe game series back to what it used to be

    • Cactus Jack says:

      @Battousai the king slayer anyone but EA 😂

    • RipcordJack says:

      @TheWorld i personally am okay ish with it. As long as the game is fun and they deliver what they said they would. Im okay with it.

      Am i sad about removal of features etc? Yes but also they dont promo them/say they are there and then they are really not.

      Ya know?

      Can it be done better? Yesbit always can.

      Am i okay with it if they deliver on what they advertised?
      Also yes

    • TheWorld says:

      🤦‍♂️So you’re fine with them releasing a flawed product and delivering the actual game months later? This is why so many trash titles are produced today

    • Battousai the king slayer says:

      This type of hope is the same stuff we say every year, I’m hoping ea takes over or someone get this game away from 2k

  7. Krimzon says:

    I haven’t actually played the game yet, but from what I’ve seen this is the general view I have of it as well. Advanced Entrances is a massive miss for me, but I fully expect that to make a return in 2k23 (although I’d love a patch that adds it). As long as the other creation aspects are in depth, I’ll be happy. It definitely seems like a step in the right direction to build on, seems to me they’ve had to rebuild the game from the ground up since losing Yukes.

    I have to disagree to an extent on the idea of merging GM Mode and Universe Mode, it would be good if GM Mode had some Universe Mode aspects added to it, but I like to have Universe Mode as an unrestricted sandbox. Having to think about budgets and how much a show costs would be bothersome for the types of things I like to do.

  8. Billy says:

    I always thought Universe mode was the replacement for MyGM but I do agree that they could combine Universe and MyGM modes into one mode.

    • Battousai the king slayer says:

      @Louis Nevers 90% of those people never played gm mode and just talk out their ass. It’s the same shit with a lack of drafting, money, buying storylines etc

    • Quintin Lee says:

      @Louis Nevers right I don’t care for GM mode I wish they would focus on unverse mode

    • NBA2KCreationz says:

      @Louis Nevers They could make it like NBA 2K Where you can select options you want to have as part of your Universe…For example if you wanted to turn off the draft you can or turn off things and turn things on….Full ability to do w/e you wanted

    • Retro Gamer says:

      @Louis Nevers yeah and IF they did that, I bet they’d break Universe features for years. Especially if they are going back to yearly releases which I assume they want to asap.

    • Markmagician2 says:

      Universe Mode always sucked

  9. Zack Castonguay says:

    I’ve always hated the this is a good stepping stone argument some use. Like it would be understandable if they weren’t charging 70 dollars for this game but they are so they should deliver a full, in-depth game. Idk why sports games get more of a pass on this than any other genre. Just my opinion

  10. Matt Hennessy says:

    Disagree with Chris on combining UM & GM. UM is god mode where you have control over everything a sandbox type mode if you restrict it with a budget & put GM elements into the mode you restrict the modes charm & freedom. GM Mode is where you just control one show have your budget & control your limited roster competing with the other brands for ratings. I’ll never understand why people can’t see the different between GM & UM both modes appeal to a different set of players. If 2K combine both mode you risk alienating fans of one of the modes.

    • Shadow Curse says:

      @Battousai the king slayer no budget, no limitation on matches, no limitation on Superstars usage, no limitation on shows or arenas or rosters, no worries about Superstars leaving a show, no limitations on titles, complete freedom to do as you please and more. You are the one who is oblivious. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I won’t respond to you anymore so don’t bother messaging me.

    • Battousai the king slayer says:

      @Shadow Curse bro universe mode is gm mode without the drafting system, are you oblivious or something 😂. take everything gm mode did great and mix it with universe mode it’s not rocket science

    • Erick Seabrook says:

      Exactly universe mode is what I look forward to the most and myGm would ruin it for me

    • Shadow Curse says:

      @Battousai the king slayer you clearly don’t understand why the modes are different so there’s no point discussing it

    • Battousai the king slayer says:

      @Shadow Curse universe mode is derived from gm mode so how would you delete it by adding the features to universe mode. That’s an idiotic statement bro

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