I Followed My 100 Year Old Grandma’s Favorite Makeup Tutorial

I Followed My 100 Year Old Grandma’s Favorite Makeup Tutorial

HEY EVERYONE… Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? My grandmother turned 100 years old this year!! Can you believe that?? One word: Iconic!!! Grandma Star has been wearing bright red blush for 50 years and is a huge makeup lover! She sent me one of her favorite tutorials that she recently saw on Facebook and sent it to me! This video was her idea and she’s the sweetest! I’m grateful to have her in my life and thankful for her support!

Watch the original video by Glamour Daze here ▷ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=094Y63BmXZ4 (Narrated by makeup consultant Marla Craig. Model is Rena Alden)

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? WATCH MY PINK VAULT CLOSET TOUR ▷ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwMBrNEpYfs

? TRYING DOLLAR TREE MAKEUP FOR THE FIRST TIME ▷ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zwko8D5lRw

MUSIC: Ascence ► About You – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXHfrdi_fsU
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57 Responses

  1. Shining Star says:

    I’m tryna find the first comment where Jeffree found at the end of the video, “Why does the woman look like she is 16 and also 35 at the same time?” y’all!!! ???

  2. Agrillot6 says:

    I’m loving it, he’s never looked prettier. I love the understated look.

  3. Amira Amer says:

    Damn 2 drops of shade in a row… Dayum Jeffree..”no scandals”… “No one was cancelled” ????

  4. Dan Sullivan says:

    *Jeffree please do a “Cameraman does my makeup” video! It would be so cool to watch bc he’s constantly watching you do makeup. Anyone else agree??* ???

    ps: *small YouTuber here* ?️‍?? ur my #1 inspiration Jeffree, ilysm ??

  5. Neve lol says:

    Voice Over – “Never wear bright obvious evening colors”

    Jeffree – “WHAATTTT”

    Aliens In Outer Space – ** hear echoing ‘WHAATTT’ **

  6. Calamity Jane says:

    Finishes makeup thanks Grandma then says I’m off for an orgy, only here on jeffree stars channel.

  7. tim91279 says:

    I think Jeffree looks really nice with natural makeup like this. I also love his glam though!

  8. savannahsmith says:

    “that squirted more than that girl me and nate had a threesome with” HAHA WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THAT LINE

  9. Cindy Smith says:

    I googled the oldest Make up tutorial and found one from thr 40s too….WOW!

  10. Mia Keogh says:

    It would be so cool if you could do a makeup tutorial with your grandma!

  11. Haylius Maximus says:

    My husband walks by and stopped looked real hard and then said ” huh hes wearing a fly fishing vest” and walks off … thats what he notices lmao

  12. daisy wagoner says:

    imagine your grandma sending links….mine can’t even remember my name

  13. Gary Spurden says:

    Think Jeffree should find a 70’s and 80’s tutorial and do that too. Would be cool to see him in them styles too.

  14. Jamie Purtteman says:

    Honestly I’m normally a huge fan of your more dramatic face But this Tutorial has you feckin glowing! Super bright eyes too ?

  15. Mia Keogh says:

    I love how he is talking about how old school it is to do makeup with hands when I do it like that everyday!

  16. Ann Malone Sulsar says:

    This looks exactly like how my mother taught me to apply makeup!! (I’m 53 now, so yeah… that’s how she did hers!) Shout out to your grandma! I lost my 90 yr old dad this week and I have to say, this video really made me smile today. Thank you Jeffree!

  17. TibiQrious says:

    Wait!!! Your 100 year old grandma is sending you links online??? Woow

    • Mindless Bumblebee says:

      TibiQrious exactly I can hardly get my 62 yo mother up on the world

    • TibiQrious says:

      Mindless Bumblebee lol. This is really something right? People are sooo different. This keeps the hope in me that getting old does not mean just sitting around and doing nothing. You can be as vital as you wanna be. Jeff’s grandma must have a fresh mind.

  18. Kayleigh Ligeski says:

    i love how the makeup artist was low key shaming everyone??

  19. Lisa says:

    I came in thinking I would just see a normal make-up tutorial. I cried laughing so hard and I regret nothing.

  20. Sweety girl951 says:

    when she said “that’s all” at the end i thought she said “f y’all”?

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