I Fooled my Friend as Choo Choo Charles in Minecraft

I Fooled my Friend as Choo Choo Charles in Minecraft

I Fooled my Friend as Choo Choo Charles in Minecraft… w/ Doni Bobes – Minecraft

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30 Responses

  1. RagePlaysGames says:

    I tried my best but Lynix is just a lost cause at this point 🤦🏻‍♂️ At least I get to sit back and enjoy the show when he gets pranked.

    • Repentance Faith says:

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    • Orange Metal says:

      bro wont even talk about 8:38-8:51

    • Electine Bhuong says:

      Donnie the next video you should be trolling rage

    • Nutnut kunisaki says:

      did u get his stuff after that btw(?)

    • NikkiLace311 says:

      omfg, that was epic!!!

  2. John Pryor says:

    Rage is like that one friend that will tells you this is a bad idea, but he silently going along with the idea and laughing and smirking as the plan is keep getting chaotic.

  3. demigod king says:

    Props to Rage for making this even more entertaining than it would have been.

  4. Emperor Walrus says:

    What I love about donis trolls is just how weird they are. It’s not just blowing up someone’s house with a tnt trap, it’s making them battle simpsons characters to the death, making their build battle creations come to life, and now unleashing a demonic train on them

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Doni’s friends(especially Lynix) somehow manage to never outwit Doni, the troll himself. 😂

  6. Roberto Abud says:

    I love how Rage sees anything is off and knows its Doni doing shady shit, dude is way too smart

  7. John-Paul Garon says:

    Rage made this troll 1000% better, especially when he would slow down.

  8. David Blackshear says:

    the fact that rage has caught on the both times you have tried to troll him means you need him as your sidekick.

  9. Elaina Synranelt [1st Apostle of Mumei] says:

    Every horror series needs a rage
    just someone who knows they’re going to die, is fully prepared for it, and is just in it for the ride

  10. The History Teen says:

    I think what made this even funnier was that Lynix fell for it despite Rage laughing, warning, and complaining.

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