I Fooled My Friends as MUTANT CREATURES in Minecraft

I Fooled My Friends as MUTANT CREATURES in Minecraft

Today I Fooled My Friends as MUTANT CREATURES in Minecraft…

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Today I tricked my friends using more Mutant Creatures in Minecraft! The Mutant creatures mod adds in new bosses into Minecraft that are harder boss versions of normal Minecraft mobs! The Mutant Creatures Minecraft mod adds in Mutant Zombies, Mutant Creepers, Mutant Skeletons, Mutant Endermen, Mutant Hoglins, Mutant Wither Skeletons, Mutant Shulkers, and a few others! Will my friends be able to beat the Mutant Creatures?

New Mutant Creatures: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mutant-more

Music: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

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26 Responses

  1. BeckBroJack says:

    pssst.. don’t tell Adam or Alec. I’m gonna troll them again using whatever the top comment is

  2. Gamemaster says:

    Why don’t you use the mythical creature’s to troll your friends?

  3. Chancerswild says:

    You should troll them with the custom iron golem mod make an army of custom golems and you can get them all around their home and it’ll be funny also fun fact the mutant zombie is stronger at night

  4. Shadow says:

    1:43 Best thing I’ve heard all day
    Anytime Alec screams, I die of laughter

  5. IdyllicDisk says:

    This is hilarious, I love it… it’s like something doni would do

  6. Gabe C says:

    Troll them with prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs from the Jurassicraft mod!

  7. Jenny Del valle says:

    Jack can you troll Adam and Alec with the titan mod

  8. AmaraOlorin says:

    Troll them with VAMPIRES!
    Vampires that look like villagers. The real “villagers” will have epic, tempting trades, but not all “villagers” are villagers.
    And SCPs, all the SCPs…transport them to the backrooms with SCPs around random corners.

  9. Kevin Otto says:

    Hey Jack can you keep the demon slayer content coming please i love it

  10. Ihlahy-smamahd Conley says:

    Minecraft trend back then: “i love playing with my friends they are so nice and cool”
    Minecraft trend now: “ all my friends are jerks to me now so I’m gonna get back at them with a prank”

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