I Forced A Lawyer To Watch Judge Steve Harvey

I Forced A Lawyer To Watch Judge Steve Harvey

Thanks to Alex @loloverruled for humoring me

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57 Responses

  1. MossyMints says:

    Jarvis kidnapped a lawyer 😭

  2. Miguel Gibbs says:

    harvey should only do cases for families. you know to sort out the feuds.

  3. Lily Smith says:

    Petition for Jarvis and Jordan to make up an elaborate argument and go on judge Harvey. Maybe Jordan stole some of Jarvis’s valuable Pokémon cards, who’s to say 🤷‍♀️

  4. Dog Flamingo says:

    When my mother passed away, I was trying to get money together for her cremation. She passed at 12:34 on a Friday, and on Monday morning, the hospital called me to complain that I hadn’t taken care of the cremation yet. The woman then very coldly said, “If you’re too poor to afford it, you can always donate her body, and you won’t have to pay for it.”. I feel like she was trying to help, but the way she said it was so insulting, almost like she was saying, “We can throw it out for you, if you’re too poor.”. I couldn’t even talk to the crematorium over the weekend, but they acted like I had been dragging my feet and causing them all kinds of problems.

    • REBECCA HICKS says:

      I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

    • radishfest says:

      Horrible. It’s already so hard to lose a parent, there’s so so so much you have to do while still in shock. I would’ve had a meltdown if anyone said that about my dad. Hope you’re doing alright.

    • Jess Dewhurst says:

      I am so sorry you experienced that. The lack of empathy people can have following the loss of a parent is disgusting, I know it too. Sending you support, stranger

    • Samantha Hobbs says:

      Depending on what state your in, you can report that person to the state funeral board in your state.

      I’m so sorry for your awful experience!

    • jaye says:

      that’s so awful, i’m so sorry

  5. loona says:

    oh i have never been more excited to watch steve harvey pretend to be a judge than i am right this moment

  6. Dylan Bartley says:

    now THIS is some premium content, thank you jarvy

  7. NakeyJakey says:

    alex sued me for just trying to be his friend wtf

  8. Alecia Walls says:

    As someone who worked in the funeral industry I can say that $5,000 would be a very expensive cremation
    But yes, I do know the actual cremation was only $1,500

  9. Par Lonny says:

    this is the most chill and goofy lawyer i’ve ever seen.

  10. Cassiel Marino says:

    These judge shows would be so funny with lawyers, the lawyers start beating eachother up while everyone else screams

    • Luka J says:

      I like the way you think

    • Azurdly Wisterious says:

      fan made phoenix wright scenes are like this (source ive run random discord arguments through a phoenix wright scene generator and they are all this ridiculous (especsially if franziska “brings a whip to court” von karma or godot “throws mugs at people” esquire are there))

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