I Forced YouTubers To Eat Meatloaf

I Forced YouTubers To Eat Meatloaf

I Forced YouTubers To Eat Meatloaf in probably the most ridiculous video I’ve made to date.
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Thanks to all the people that helped out with this!
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Meatloaf Recipe:
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2 lbs. ground beef (85% lean, 90% is too lean doesn’t have enough flavor and 80% will produce more grease – so what you wanna do is buy 1lb package of 90%/10% and 1lb package of 80%/20% – creating a 85%/15% beefcake)
Finely Chopped onion. (Small one) or about a cup of chopped onion
2 eggs
2 dry cups (16oz)of Grapenuts cereal

Combine all ingredients- may need to use hands (clean!), then incorporate the sauce:
Mix 1 cup maple syrup, 1 cup ketchup and 2 Tablespoons of mustard. Pour half into meat mixture, save half for top.

Spray pan with oil or butter- use a baking pan or skillet that is oven proof (handle must also be oven proof not plastic)

Put mixture in and spread evenly. Poke holes with handle of wooden spoon or similar and pour rest of sauce over meat.

Bake for about an hour. If you have convection bake it may cook in about 40 minutes.

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Outro: Pls Proceed by Baron Grand

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50 Responses

  1. William Osman says:

    It was pretty good meatloaf

  2. FitMC says:

    Glad to see you follow the meatloaf ceremony steps perfectly, nice work Ted

  3. Patterrz says:

    I’ve never had meatloaf before so I can only assume this is the greatest meatloaf ever created

  4. unchartedchartz says:

    I like how Gus is literally crying.

  5. DiamondDF says:

    It was hilarious hearing FitMC say “We start by tossing the beef cake back and forth, promoting tenderness and emotional stability.”

  6. Kotar Peck says:

    Is nobody gonna mention that Ted is wearing the Drip™ jacket when Alpharad smashes his plate?

  7. lemon ade says:

    I wasn’t expecting him, but Jacob was here and fucking killed the 3 seconds he had on screen

  8. smug dancing Hat Kid says:

    Just to clarify:
    Gus isn’t crying because he saw god. He’s crying because he felt all of the force the meatloaf absorbed transfered onto him all at once

  9. noarsy says:

    Gus wasnt crying because of how good the meatloaf was, he was crying because for the rest of his life he will have to live in a constant state of disappointment and depression due to how vastly everything else in his life will pale compared to the meatloaf.

  10. Lesley Lawson says:

    Sorry! I would never eat his food! He plays with his food! Nasty

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