I Fought My Ex Girlfriends Brother Deshae Frost *Gets Intense!*

I Fought My Ex Girlfriends Brother Deshae Frost *Gets Intense!*

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34 Responses

  1. L3gendary Z says:

    Please remember he only had a few days to train, he did good for the first time!

    • SevenHunnid says:

      I get high asf then eat food on my YouTube channel ‼️‼️

    • HitDatSlatt says:

      Yeah you really won that sh!t. Yo counter punches are good, good movement.

    • K Grant says:

      @Self Made c’mon bro u already know.

    • Self Made says:

      @Dayy pluggz crazy how you think it’s a tie n he hit him soooo “hard” he almost fell 🤣go get yo eyes checked n learn some about the sport boxing clearly he hit him n Jay ate ts n after deshae rushed n basically did a lil push cuz he got back quick n strong just let Cinco train more he will get that ass knocked out rq Jay Cinco connected more punches than deshae fighting all crazy

  2. Chex says:

    for the ones that actually box then you know cinco won. deshae threw alot but jay landed way more.

  3. Carolina Tineo says:

    As someone who works in the boxing world, CINCO you got HANDS. A freaking natural. Very close fight, but you got this one. Imagine with more practice, you would have DEMOLISH him second round. Sometimes we focus so much on the head shots that we forget that the body shots would get him tired, to the point that he cant keep his guard up and then that’s when you go in for the head shot. Good job brodi, you look good out there!

  4. TheAngeldanielle86 says:

    I’m so proud of you Justin!! It took a lot of guts to get in that ring! Deshae almost made me cry at the end with the apology😭 Love that y’all can still have respect for each other at the end!!❤❤❤

  5. O Y K says:

    It doesn’t matter if you win or loss It’s all about respect and Keep it family Respect for both yall

  6. jamiya jenkins says:

    Go Jay !!!! We are all proud of you!!!!! Mad respect💯

  7. Jordan Moncayo says:

    For everyone that is saying Deshae won clearly doesn’t watch boxing. Cinco controlled the fight most of the time and landed the cleaner punches. I scored it 2-1 to Cinco. 1st and 3rd round to Cinco and 2nd Round to Deshae. Anyway, They settled this like men and I am proud of the both of them. Happy to see people finally fighting some shit out and resolving it.

  8. Martha Shilimela says:

    Well done Cinco, this was your first ever boxing match and you did pretty much good..your moves and the way you landed punches has a great message to your next opponents. Think about it, we got a big boxing star here ❤

    • Damian Diaz says:

      Not a ppl person but u Def did ur thing with all feelings on da line u matched his energy didn’t go 2 far but Def went 4 ur points an went all in made a point alot wouldn’t have done stood ur ground but love da vibe

  9. ChroNxTV Reacts! says:

    Let this be the way y’all squash it & gain more respect for one another👏🏻 Good heart & fight shown from both of you🥊

  10. Deshae Frost says:

    Good shit brother🤞🏾

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