I Found LOST Teuta Matoshi Gowns *try-on princess dresses*

I Found LOST Teuta Matoshi Gowns *try-on princess dresses*

The most beautiful gowns in the world!
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36 Responses

  1. Piepieoj00 X says:

    Who else needs a video where Mia makes her own version of these dresses?

  2. ScottishMamaLivingInGod’sLight Sharing-John 3:16 says:

    Mia you NEED to keep the last two! They are STUNNING on! Also, you don’t need to donate every dress you buy, you deserve to enjoy the beautiful dresses you buy!

  3. Ella Sermon says:

    Mia’s wedding was almost a year ago?! What, feels like last week! Most beautiful YouTube video I have ever seen

  4. Jeri-Lynne Marie says:

    KEEP THE TEAL SET!!! I know you’ll wear that somewhere one day, same with the floral sparkly tea dress (it really didnt need the purple belt btw)

  5. Raynessa Wilson says:

    When mia does a video about dresses or shopping im here for it😂❤

  6. Iroh says:

    The second-to-last dress is absolutely glorious, one of my favorite dresses you’ve ever tried on!!

  7. Saskia H. says:

    Just came on to YouTube and there’s literally ANOTHER Mia tries on dresses video – how much better could this day get? ❤

  8. Sarah Torrez says:

    “Favorite part for sure is the pink, the sequins, and the buttons”
    Ma’am that is the entire dress! 😂

  9. Blue says:

    I would really like to see Mia colllavorate with a favric store to make her own custim fabrics. I feel like that would be a perfect collab

  10. Anthi Cheimariou says:

    Oh my gosh Mia, don’t ever give away this two piece teal set! It’s incredible on you! ❤

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