I found out how deep the ocean actually is 😳🌊

I found out how deep the ocean actually is 😳🌊

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Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5C7sqVe2Vg&t=251s

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45 Responses

  1. Film People says:

    I’ve seen a lot of these these ocean depth comparisons but this one is on another level

  2. Sam says:

    The ocean is so deep that it’s kilometres deeper than the deepest hole ever dug

  3. Mohammad Saleh says:

    This is the first time he says “let’s see what’s at the bottom”. 😂🤣

  4. Eren Jaeger says:

    Mount Everest can fit in the Mariana trench and there would still be kilometres left to reach the sea bed

  5. Jakob Cormier says:

    The ocean is 95% in undiscovered. If more people appreciated marine life then we would most likely be finding extraordinary new species

    • User Name says:

      @anime lover XD lmfao

    • Krish says:

      Well it’s 80 percent

    • No U says:

      @GorianTheBoi m

    • Bolty Gaming says:

      No bro we won’t be finding extraordinary species we would find like small creatures and microscopic organisms as the meaning of the word ‘discovered’ here means a diver has actually went there and most of the sea is just dead space where no life forms exist why would a diver go there and the remaining sea which is undiscovered is either under under pressure that no living things can live there or so cold that it would freeze animal to death….

    • Jan lager penalvert says:

      @AT9777 Not really. It’s 95% that isn’t yet accurately mapped. However, much of the seafloor is uninteresting rock. We have “explored” a lot more than 95% if you’re talking about species, points of interest and active areas.

  6. Matthew-Logan Woods says:

    I’m not scared of many things, and I’m pretty good about managing my anxiety in many situations, but the longer the video went and the deeper it got I could feel the panic start to build

  7. Cristiano 7 says:

    If the ocean is 11km deep and the Everest is 8km high, well it’s obvious
    Let’s make simple math
    11km-8km= 3km
    Then approximately, the sea is 3km deeper than how high the Everest is

  8. The Blonde Guy that F*cks Up Your Lineage says:

    To be frank, despite how deep the ocean is, the deeper it gets, the size of creatures gets more limited with the enormous oceanic pressure and the scarcity of prey or food, with the Mariana Trench being the best example

    Imagine living in a desert with so little food, and the gravity there literally crushes you constantly, and that, would be the Mariana Trench

    so relax, there’s no giant creatures or anything waiting for us in that crushing depth, just some weird deep sea fish

    ps: it would be impossible to explore all of the ocean, as explore means human or drone exploration, and we often use satellite instead, which doesn’t count as explored

    • Gladiator says:

      leave my lineage alone, brando

    • Ensho 27 says:

      Exactly, some people rhink the megalodon still exists because “only 15% of the ocean was explored” when it would be litterally impossible for any giant predator to live in the deep ocean

  9. The New Kid in The Kingdom says:

    Most people likely: “Wow I never knew the ocean was this deep so interesting”

    Me: *singing Sono Chi No Kioku because it’s amazing*

  10. Amber -T{aa}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me says:

    The Ocean is waaaaaaay deeper than you think, 80% of the ocean is unexplored or maybe even Godzilla would be down there who knows lol

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