I found out how long you could live without your ORGANS 😳🧠

I found out how long you could live without your ORGANS 😳🧠

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46 Responses

  1. A says:

    Me here, a male without ovaries: *”oh no, i dont have an ovary. Ig i only have 30 more years left”*

  2. Existential Crisis says:

    You can live without a PP
    I mean there are people who are casterated but they still live by having a pipe attached

    • Koriaki Nakyoin says:

      @Josh Chow most of these speak of medical intervention, the bladder being one of them and it states “person needs a bag outside of their body” it would be the exact same sort of situation and there are examples of men getting their penises completely removed and still being able to urinate, they just have to do such like a woman/sitting down and visibly look like women. Penectomies exist and are similar to a hysterectomy. Your penis is not a vital organ as, it doesnt really affect how your piss and semen interact. Also yes you can get penis cancer.

    • Josh Chow says:

      @Koriaki Nakyoin I don’t think you’re understanding my comment. If we’re factoring medical intervention, then everyone on this list would be able to live very well and for a prolonged period of time. Mechanical hearts do exist, and people do live on just fine without having a heart, as long as there’s something that replaces the function of the organ.

    • Society (Yt edition) says:

      @Josh Chow bar the brain part

    • SOLOGIRL 2COOL says:

      @Josh Chow u can still last more than 12 hrs without pissing this whole list is just whack

  3. YT SortFire says:

    “Oh I didn’t know joints were that important”
    No they just keep ur body together and let ur arms and legs move

  4. Jin's Spatula says:

    Actually, u can live as long as u normally would without a Uterus, same goes for your appendix, tonsils, gallbladder, & testes.

  5. lovelysunnies says:

    when you dont have ur tonsils anymore:
    well there goes my wish of living until 90

  6. Nekko Superfire says:

    ahh steins gate, what great times those were

  7. Prison Mike says:

    “Are anuses really that important?”

    Yes, they literally get rid of waste that’s in your body unless you wanna spend lots of money just to get cleaned.

    • flying taco says:

      My great grandmother died because she had a relapse in surgery on her anus and got a bad infection.

    • Kirby says:

      How about the penis 13 hour

    • 🌼 E l s a 🌼 says:

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    • Yiing Jenn says:

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    • Cat Hermit says:

      LOL I miss my anus.
      (I have an ostomy so my anus is literally not important 🙃)

  8. XVSvideoz says:

    This is actually cap, u can live longer than 20 years without an appendix

  9. Joel says:

    “I didn’t know joints were that important”
    *Americans in a nutshell*

  10. Ianbear64 says:

    The year limits are almost all completely wrong in this video, and in most cases your life expectancy will either vary or not be effected at allby removing certain parts. But the information is cool to learn

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