I went through my entire beanie baby collection and was SHOCKED to find some rare beanie babies that could be worth thousands of dollars!

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59 Responses

  1. Mike Lloyd says:

    They r all gonna be worth something because they r yours Colleen so everyone would want to buy it 😂😂😂😂

  2. Ezzy Art says:

    I SAW HUMPRY THE CAMAL! WHEN U WERE READING OUT ALL OF THE ONES THAT COULD BE RARE, HE WAS IN THE BOX INFRONT OF COLLEEN!!!!!!!!!!! Pls let her read this! 🥰 edit: thanks for all the likes!

  3. Michelle Grace says:

    Colleen: “they’re selling it for $450”
    Gwen “that’s almost a millionaire”

  4. Olivia Marie says:

    Colleen: “i don’t think i have Humphrey the camel”
    Humphrey just chilling at the top of the bin: 😔

  5. MargeTheBulldog says:

    Colleen: yeah i don’t think we have Humphrey


  6. Patty Rice says:

    She’s rare. She’s rare. She’s TOTALLY rare.

    Who else gets my reference? ;D

  7. Leah Specht says:

    Does anybody remember when she was admitting her dirty secrets to her mom and she was wearing that exact same shirt I don’t know love you💜🥰

  8. Tama Hero says:

    What you want is to go on eBay and look at “completed” and “sold” listings rather than currently selling. People do list things way higher than they are worth because they place higher in search results. Then curious people go and look at what other items they’re selling. So what things are for sale for on eBay is not a good indicator of what people will actually pay for them. You wanna see what people have actually paid recently for the same item.

  9. A- SQUAD says:

    When colleen goes “IS THAT GOBBLES!” Then “Oh no it’s just a bird”

  10. Mel P. says:

    I wouldn’t hire anyone. Everything is just subjective. Plus, as many, many people have said below, if you add a note/pic/signature with anything you sell, you can increase the value! LOL That being said, I am almost positive I have the prayer bear. If I remember correctly, it has the same birthday as my oldest son which is why we bought it. <3

  11. Greta Gustafson says:

    “That’s rare thats definitely rare” only the OGs will know that

  12. Percy Grey says:

    People buy celebrity trash for alot of money. COLLEEN UR FAMOUS. She can literally sell each of those for any price and someone would buy it

  13. Mr. Cookie00 says:

    colleen when she finds a worthless beany baby: it has to be worth something.

    colleen when she finds a priceless beany baby: no way it’s worth that much

  14. TastersChoice says:

    Colleen: We’re gonna be millionaires!!

    Google: Colleen Ballinger has a net worth of $8 million 😒

  15. A Person says:

    These are worth a lot lol, they belonged to COLLEEN BALLINGER. People would probs pay triple lol

  16. Michelle Belle says:

    My sorority sent me to buy happy meals to hand out at some event we were holding. They said to get them without toys since we would be giving these to adults. However, when I saw that they were putting beanie babies in the happy meal I asked them to include them but all in a separate sack. I ended up with 100 of these. They are still in their original package and are in the top of my childhood closet. Ohhhhhh. I can’t wait to check these!

  17. SASSFIRE LUNA says:

    When looking at ebay look at “Sold” items … instead of listed currently

  18. LG010 Rotterdam says:

    Colleen: “there selling it for 450$”
    Colleens mom:”that’s almost a millionaire”
    🤣 love it

  19. Lucy Cardwell says:

    Watching a grown woman in her mid thirties losing her mind over childrens teddy bears woth her mother is the best thing I’ve seen this year 🤣

  20. Payam says:

    * her net worth being 8 million *
    also colleen: “Oh My Gosh we could be millionares!”

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