I Found the WORLD’S BEST MARKER – I Tried them ALL…

I Found the WORLD’S BEST MARKER – I Tried them ALL…

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29 Responses

  1. Jazza says:

    I’m so glad this video series has helped so many people! THANK YOU for watching and making this and other (upcoming) exciting content possible!! If you haven’t, make sure you’re subscribed with the notification bell rung so you have a shot that the epic goodies I’ll be giving away!! Much love and thanks! ❤

    • • Pastel Kitsune • says:

      Personally, I would choose Ohuhu as the winner because their quality is AMAZING considering the price, and although Copic has a greater range of colours, I feel as though Ohuhu can provide a steadier platform for a newer artist to start from.
      Hope u like my answer stay safe!
      Although I guess I’m kind of biased because I got some Ohuhu markers last week and am already in love with them XD

    • The Griffin Gamer says:

      I believe that the ohuhu should have won because the price should have been considered… I think that the quality of the copic sketch is impeccable but the price is a bit too high. Therefore this is why I think that the ohuhu should have won… 🙂

    • Cats Neko says:

      This is gonna a bit long but hopefully useful for anyone that stumbles arcoss this comment 🙂

      I personally think that the four finalists are great choices but I think ohuhu would be the number one for the majority of people out there. The price is pretty cheap and the quality is really good ( i tried some Ohuhus of my friends ). For me, having a broad range of colors is important because you have more to be creative with. With Ohuhu you have around 200 colors. This is a lot you can work with. Also, Ohuhu added a brush nib recently. This changed what i think of these markers because the best thing to use for me for blending in alcohol marker are brush tips. The only thing i would like Ouhuhu to add is to be able to refil their markers. Apart that, for the price, the quality is amazing. Crayola is good but you need to buy all the set to get another color (when i searched) and they don’t really feel as ”professional”

      Ok now let’s all admit it : Copics and promarkers are some of the great markers out there. They have all the caractheristics of Ohuhu but in better quality. Copic is a bit better in my opinion because you can refil them. However, a lot of people can’t afford or just just don’t want to pay 200$ on a set of markers.

      So at the end, Ohuhu wins for me for the quality they have and at the price you get them.

      “Q” Jazza if you ever read this comment that video was really interesting! It must have taken a hella lot of time to compare all of these markers ( I really wonder how long ). I think of no one else that would do just go buy every marker on the planet but this turned awesome anyways as usual XD.

    • PurpleAmharicCoffee says:

      Well, I have slim to no chances because these videos are often posted when I’m doing something else and an overload of notifications annoys me. But these are personal preferences and I love your fun content a lot and look forward to seeing these videos in my subscription feed at my own leisure.

    • Deceit Sanders says:

      @Anthony Calixto pay for stuff

  2. Mr. M. Scott says:

    This is commitment. That’s a lot of markers. So in terms of moving you… WHATS THE MOST SLIPPERY COUNTRY?? GREECE! AHAHAHA. K, so I think in terms of best deal, ohuhu, but of course in terms of the very best, copic sketch.

  3. Dragon Films says:

    Normal people: children’s brands are nothing against professional ones
    Jazza: are you sure about that?

  4. Marty Potato says:

    Did anyone else come here just to see who the winner of the Nintendo Switch was?

    EDIT: Video was still awesome

  5. Antonio Moose says:

    8:04 Amazon code already redeemed. Don’t bother searching for it

  6. Tyler Crowe says:

    “Artsy party” Coptic sketch definitely is the winner! But a real snargldeepop for the crayons… oof

  7. Nathan Schick says:

    Ohuhu because I don’t have a job and that shouldn’t stop me from making art that I feel is satisfactory even though an artist tends to only look at their mistakes

  8. Super3D50N says:

    -So Jazza, what are you doing to pass the quarantine?

    Jazza: Yes

  9. Olivia Wright says:

    All the other YouTube artist are just chillin’ but jazza is just having a stroke in the corner of the room. Also I agree with your decision.

  10. Le Tipy Bleu says:

    Joke of the day : wife did the copic’s wife left him ?
    He had an alcohol problem

  11. Andreia Pais says:

    “Write something that moves me…”
    Although I do wanna comment to move Jazza, I do also just wanna comment on his immense work and investment in his channel and effort to make these current times less stressful and sad and a bit more colorful and fun, for that, and I believe in the name of most of your viewers, from young to old, I say thank you, you’re becoming the hero we do need but don’t deserve.
    I can sort of imagine the time and work you put into making just these 2 videos, you really got into it as best as you could and it shows. In the end, despite being pricier, we knew copic would win, because its price easily justifies itself when you look into the advantages and quality it has, the massive variety of colors, the possibility of refilling, the packing itself, even its minimalist and nice design, you pay for what you get, you could say it’s a really nice price-quality option. Even so, as a starting artist, and not owning any of the brands, I’d pick ohuhu, since they’re cheaper, they’re not that far behind in quality compared to copic and even tho there’s less variety, you more than taught us already that we can get a big variety of colors even just with 3 or 5 markers, you just gotta get creative and go for it with the mixing.
    So in conclusion, I do agree with your decision, but as a consumer on a low budget, I’d go for Ohuhu and I feel like it would be a good investment for a starter. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t transition to Copic eventually, once I got better and wanted to further improve.
    Not sure if this moved you, but hope you have some time to read my comment and hopefully I could cheer you up the same way you cheer us all 🙂 Cheers from Portugal!

  12. King Pixel says:

    When are Jazza’s Branded markers dropping? 🥵😩🙏

  13. Megan Hsui says:

    For the give away:

    As a teen who is just starting out as an artist, and also with having very little money to work with. I would go with Ohuhu. Of course if I had the money I would get the winner winner chicken dinner~~ Therefore my brokenness, Ohuhu definitely looked like the best next option because mostly because of the price and how well they actually worked. Generally I hope I’ll get enough money for them soon but from here I like sticking with the ohuhu as a poor persons start to alcohol markers.

  14. Rinzxii says:

    Jazza: something that moves me
    Me: 🤔 … **Calls a pickup truck**
    Me: Move that guy over there **points to Jazza**
    Pick up truck: **moves Jazza**
    Me: Job well done

  15. Misused says:

    Congratulations, you’ve officially accomplished more during the quarantine than I have.

  16. Charlotte Russ says:

    Jazza’s bank: who needs so many markers

    Jazza: I need more, more

  17. Aruwyn Connor says:

    I do agree with most of the things you’d picked, however the thing that I thought was important was that the ohuhu markers were far cheaper than copic sketch, while yes as you said there are some limitations with them but they are far more beginner and mildly experienced friendly. And I feel that if you look at the copic drawing and the ohuhu drawing you can see that they are very similar when it comes to opacity and blending. Also the true winner that should’ve been in the barracks:

    digital art; every single brush you could imagine

  18. Isabelle Frieswick says:

    Roses are red,
    I’m a broke college student
    so while choosing my markers I am very prudent.

    Since Copics cost money and I am quite broke,
    the cheaper price of Ohuhu is absolutely no joke.

    I love artwork yet I suck quite bad,
    but if I were to pick any markers, it’d be Copics I would have.

  19. UnfixingGem 5017 says:

    Jazza: does another giveaway
    Me who just wants to watch the video: WHY GOD WHY

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