i gave him one last chance

i gave him one last chance


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37 Responses

  1. ZekromInfinity says:

    This is a BASSLESS argument.
    Hands down Davie = BASS

  2. Kelsey's Pole Journey says:

    Now that Davie’s at 10 mil subs, we’ve officially reached his “do whatever I want” era and I’m 100% here for it

  3. AMinMN says:

    Absolute legend: Everything is just a different version of bass

  4. Davie504 says:


  5. Rania Raza says:

    Davie: 1 point
    Cactus: 1 point
    *It is time for a final bass competition between the two to decide who wins this epic battle*

  6. TayZonday says:

    Smart toy!

  7. Tanaka says:

    As a violinist I can confirm that we call our instruments shoulder bass

  8. Deku says:

    The look of abject horror on Davie’s face as he says “what” in all lower case is a the perfect way to add comedy to anything. Clip just that and use it as a gif or something

  9. Guinneissik 기나이직 says:

    Davie is an absolute genius even when making Shorts this genuinely gave me a decent laugh

  10. Light says:

    EPICO!!!! davie você é o melhor <3

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