“I gave him what he deserved!” Jorge Masvidal speaks after knocking out Ben Askren in FIVE seconds

“I gave him what he deserved!” Jorge Masvidal speaks after knocking out Ben Askren in FIVE seconds

Jorge Masvidal spoke to Caroline Pearce (instagram.com/carolinepearce) about his record-breaking knock-out of Ben Askren, after he got the win within five seconds at #UFC239.

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97 Responses

  1. PoundFor PoundKing says:

    Where’s all the people saying Jorge was going to get bulldozed? Lmao.

    • THAGZA85 says:

      I still take askren 90 out of 100 times atleast

    • Chronic Riot says:

      Askren has been severely overrated ever since he came in the UFC. He’s not a top level fighter

    • star onson says:

      It would have been different it weren’t for that one knee.

    • squalman 85 says:

      I never thought he would get bulldozed more of getting grabbed for 15 mins and lise a boring decision…But i don’t care what anyone thought was gonna happen, it wasn’t that

    • Frank Frost says:

      @Peasant Scrublord not just astronomical, he’s not able at all to punch, didn’t even tried to punch. Jorge knew he was going for the double leg and went straight with the knee on the face!
      Kabbooom Ben

  2. Matty Matt says:

    Jorge is my new favorite fighter..That was the best KO of the Year… He sent Askren to the ER….Dammmm

  3. ThAdonis says:

    Ben took a knee faster than Colin Kaepernick.

  4. Christina Fernandez says:

    Cant believe I got the opportunity to watch the fastest KO in UFC history

  5. Miesha Tate's fart box says:

    Fastest DQ in UFC history—Ben disqualified for an illegal headbutt in 5 seconds

  6. Robert Ski3 says:

    I was halfway through opening my doritos and the fight was over. damn!

  7. D D says:

    After Till in London and now undefeated Askren, Masvidal is easily the fighter of the year

  8. Digital Bath says:

    we just watched somebody almost kill somebody with a flying knee but no cuss words are allowed

  9. Robert Herring says:

    Lol seems like Ben didn’t show up to this press conference…

    • Timur1999 says:

      Immigrant Mentality Stiopic seriously i wouldn’t mind the fight getting stopped a few seconds later

    • Immigrant Mentality Stiopic says:

      @Urso656 zhu just look at the lawler fight, he came back and destroyed lawler

    • The Bjorn says:

      no one who gets knocked out these days do press

    • ajinkya thorat says:

      @Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
      That could be said about any fighter, give him 50 second, he can make comeback. Ben askren outsold for like one minute.

    • Immigrant Mentality Stiopic says:

      @ajinkya thorat his beating in the lawler fight was way worse, he took like 50 bombs to the head and still destroyed lalwer, so this was an early stoppage in my eyes

  10. nilla killa says:

    Street Jesus just turned Askren into a real Greek statue ?

  11. Scott Sophia says:

    “He puts his face in another man’s crotch and hopes he’ll get tired.”

    *LMAO* ?????

    • PoundFor PoundKing says:

      @Daniel Rose Exactly, Khabib’s ground game is entertaining because his GNP is relentless and never-ending. Similar to Cardio Cain. Askren, on the other hand, is just laying there waiting for the opponent to fall asleep.

    • Post USADA Barao says:

      Askren and all fighters like him are cancer. Stop rewarding ground control. If they aren’t striking, passing, or working for a sub…. back to your feet.

      There is no difference between a wrestler holding someone down, and a striker controlling distance and not engaging. It is timidity and should be punished.

    • harvester says:

      this is golden!

    • Chris Wood says:

      @Post USADA Barao excellent post✔??✌???????

    • LUJA SUOMI says:

      Goddamn people are easily entertained by a knucklehead spitting childish things. 😀

  12. Amazingly Randy says:

    All the frat boys can stop comparing Askren and Khabib now. Not even on a relative level.

    • DB Cooper's MoneyBags says:


    • Art Cina says:

      @Fight Highlights khabib wouldve gotten killed by Jorge
      Askren woke up

    • Titanbrah Cunt says:

      Khabib is not only the best on the ground but he can also hold his own standing up which Ben can’t. Ben just shoots all day. Khabib even stands up against Conor and other fighters just so he can improve and avoid things like this.

    • Ohma gawd says:

      Khabib is a top tier crotch hunter mate. he wouldve ate that flying knee like a morning kebaab and grab a hold onto that crotch and never let go. Masvidal has lost many easy fights in his career. He is a hit and miss type of fighter

    • Ajax Wargod says:

      @Ohma gawd Alot of great fighters have a loss or 2 but one thing is Mastival is a pure fighter and he is on the up swing in his career.As for the Eagle he has more tools and is the real Mauler type.The only tool less crotch sniffer was and still is Askren.

  13. Cubic Man says:

    Luke: “I’m coming for that LHW belt”
    Jan:.”Hold my Witcher”

  14. Daniel D says:

    Airs a flying knee ko with 2 punches post ko. Censors swearing. The logic…

    • Critical Thinker says:

      Daniel D it’s psychological conditioning. They want to normalise violence whilst making sure people obey their rules

  15. Kin Slayer says:

    Just think about this, masvidal not only beat Ben askrin but he put him in the history books for being knocked out the fastest in the UFC, wow

  16. pintsized. POWAH says:

    I don’t think we’ll hear anything from askren for a while… Pretty sure that knee made him forget his social media passwords

  17. Cali Dreaming says:

    Ben Askren is now 0-2 in the UFC. He has took more brain damage in his 2 UFC fights then he has his whole career.

  18. Naz says:

    Ben deserves a rematch because Masvidal isn’t completely happy with his victory. Run it back for another 4 seconds.

    • Into the Multiverse says:

      What happens when Ben starts throwing strikes gets close and then goes for the takedown, see ya Jorge ya closet lol. I said Ben had to throw punches before going for the takedown.

    • Lewis Connor says:

      Into the Multiverse Mate Face it Askren is Overrated Trash. He fought Tin Cans his whole career and as soon as he faces competition he crumbles.
      Nearly got Knocked out straight away by Lawler and then he becomes the fastest knockout in UFC History.
      Give Ben Back and get DJ back.

    • Baltimore Fan says:

      Naz lol

    • Jesse Comeau says:

      @Lewis Connor DJ is a boring fighter. he’s like jones but 100 pounds less. fights for points. BORING. i dont want to see him win because he’s already lost. i only want to see undefeated.

    • kwame watson says:

      Ben wont get back in there with him lol

  19. Andre Crosby says:

    Leon Edwards was there but he learned his lesson this time by not interrupting Jorge’s interview.

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