I Googled Myself…

I Googled Myself…

Jack Manifold decides to Google himself to see what The Internet knows about him! Turns out it was HILARIOUSLY wrong!!

Apparently not everything you read online is true, especially anything related to Internet Bald-Man Jack Manifold.

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48 Responses

  1. loolitsalex says:

    let’s hope he doesn’t find any manifold x reader 😂

  2. OwO says:

    Jack became so cool, that he got a whole place named after himself.

  3. British_Cheese says:

    I’m so glad jack finally got to pursue his dream career as a clown. Sorry you had to be shrunk down though, I’m sure you would have been a tall guy if you weren’t a clown

  4. clifffnestingbird - says:

    damn can’t believe he followed his dreams as a three year old

  5. Magic Magenta says:

    Jack: * reads among *
    * turns red then coughs *
    Niki: calm down

  6. Itzcookie _crunch says:

    The fact that the “internet” pronounced Wilbur soot as Wilbur scoot had me on the ground

  7. Lunimal says:

    just the look of disappointment in nikis eyes when jack clicked of the “who is nihachu boyfriend”- she’s literally like wtf

    edit: the fact that this got 200 likes in an hour is kinda poggers

  8. Byed says:

    I like how Niki’s rumoured boyfriend isn’t Wilbur Soot but Wilbur Scoot

  9. April Stanfield says:

    If niki is supposedly 6ft, and jack is “6’5” then Ranboo must be like 8ft

  10. Daitex says:

    This will be the one comment not about Wilbur scoot or Jack Manifold achieving his clown career, but instead being about how jack’s expecting (congratulations Jack).

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