I Got 100 YouTubers to Sign My Gold Play Button

I Got 100 YouTubers to Sign My Gold Play Button

This took a year to make! Download Aura https://aura.com/zealous

This, for me, was one of the most impactful videos we have ever created. I hope it impacts you in the same way. Thank you so much for watching!

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If you read this you automatically have to comment “wow preston”

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57 Responses

  1. FrenchieFries says:

    It was a honor to sign that plaque man!! I can’t believe you finally pulled through with this!!

  2. Milad Mirg says:

    Dude your dedication to YouTube is so inspiring!! Thank you for letting me sign 🙂

  3. Matthew Beem says:

    Fire video! Two people who changed my life Zealous and MrBeast ❤️‍🔥

  4. Kristen & Reafe says:

    So dope signing the play button! The dedication in this video is🙌🏾🔥 Keep being great!!

  5. Infinite says:

    Such a sick video Zealous!🙏🏼 honored to be able to sign this!

  6. JStu says:

    Total LEGEND! So happy for you!

  7. Drew Dirksen says:

    Amazing video bro! Honored to be apart of the plaque!

  8. Fatih's Welt says:

    Very Dope Video! So innovative‍🔥

  9. Doctor ER says:

    This was so cool! Love this.

  10. BigBrainSpy says:

    It was an honour to sign lol

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