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Street Art By – Muck Rock
Song – Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

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20 Responses

  1. Evol Cat says:

    Asking for thumbs up if you should get a dog… it’s not our choice for you to get one, it’s yours. That’s a companion not a tool to get views, likes and all that other jazz. Come on man.

  2. Twitch Drawz says:

    What do you mean “little shit dog” little dogs are the hardest little things they’ll fuck up your ankles

  3. WolfGaming says:


  4. looney binsx says:

    Saint Bernard

  5. Jaden says:

    GET A PITBULL!!!!!!, there is a huge misunderstanding of the breed. A lot of people still believe the breed is aggressive by genetic. they are not, which is why nearly all shelters contain majority pit bulls. With such a following i believe you can help change the way people think of the breed.

  6. KiwiMods says:

    You Should Get A German Sheaperd😍

  7. Joseph Custeau says:

    Get a mutt! or a mix breed like a pit bull mix.

  8. XxClarizaxX says:

    A German shepherd would fit you so well 👀

  9. Syd Vlogs says:

    German Shepard or husky

  10. Ashley White says:

    German shepherd for sure. Intelligent, beautiful breed.

  11. SpiderousGeorge says:

    Get a Pitbull they are very affectionate and active!

  12. Carley Tagliareni says:

    chocolate lab they are the best dogs ever

  13. Sal Productions says:

    Sheep dog poodle mix. They grow to 75-90 pounds. They don’t shed

  14. Mamimi Samejima says:

    you look like shit mate..

  15. Cristina Marie says:

    german shepherd or a golden retriever

  16. Eh. Radio says:


  17. Peyton C says:

    Standard poodle ⭐️❤️

  18. Cruz says:

    Who agrees that’s Dogs are better than cats

  19. Shane Cole says:

    get a cross breed they live longer , pure breeds have more health problems

  20. SpoonOfPower says:

    I don’t watch your videos, Jesse, and I didn’t even watch this one fully, but according to the thumbnail, that is one swaaaagy dog

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