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20 Responses

  1. Robert Cristian Cojocaru says:

    fucking pokemon go

  2. Kyle Walsh says:

    Always think Casey is about to drop Cam’Ron “Hey Ma” with the scene
    transition music. DO IT! ONE TIME FOR US CASEY!! Rights, no rights, don’t
    matter Killa Cam gets it…maybe.

  3. Lotz'erShawna says:

    Do you ever think about how many times he must go back and forth setting up
    his camera only to go back and pretend that he is just coming into a room
    or just running up to a tree? It distracts me every single time.

  4. Julie Mishchuk says:

    we have to wait sooo long to fight the white walkers :(

  5. jovani espinoza says:

    Lol the timer reset 10 more seconds haha.!!

  6. Chrome Smart Car says:

    *Candice Looking Hot as Usual* Please More Candace.

  7. Diego Golo says:

    Lets play a game. How much do you think rent cost in New York, Manhattan
    per month for that studio Casey rented?

  8. LevaniBond says:

    Who noticed the time ?

  9. hollowaysteve says:

    Are you drinking ‘MILF’ juice…

  10. Andre Kivijarvi says:


  11. at9456 says:


  12. Ryan P says:

    Where is your video about the 11 cops who were shot bro? I don’t see any
    YouTube “celebrities” making videos about it.

  13. andreas spanias says:

    added 1GB mobile data on my phone only for Pokemon Go

  14. MyGameplaying says:

    Speaking of your brother, where is Van and how is he?!?

  15. Ry says:

    Yeah, I noticed that… actually really bothered me.

  16. Caster Dela Cruz says:

    R u gonna make like skits and stuff?

  17. Adrian Ramos says:

    Casey: “Did you have fun?”
    Franny: “Elmo!?”
    Gotta love kids response to questions ha.

  18. Smiphi says:

    0:24 me after school

  19. SirChristian100 says:

    Your wife looks like a drunken seal

    like –

    all the time

  20. ChroniKz Junior says:

    i noticed that