I got access to Lifeweaver EARLY!!

I got access to Lifeweaver EARLY!!

Potential for some trolling incoming

0:00 Abilities
11:10 Interactions
15:10 Conclusion

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44 Responses

  1. Tylerty5 says:

    I think a good way to prevent trolling would be a system where the person getting pulled can cancel the pull

  2. FrostyMcFreeze says:

    I think they should make his left click healing AOE. Like when the flower lands on a teammate, it also releases a small burst of AOE healing that can heal nearby teammates

    • Jackie | Jacky | Jaqy... says:

      Nah, he is a utility based support not a burst healing support

      He’s a flex support, you’re not really supposed to be heal botting and I think the low healing numbers are good

      He has utility in exchange for heals, he has alright heals considering his damage seems pretty good, his utility seems pretty good, his ult also seems nice

      His passive is also pretty nice

    • Fire Lord Obama says:

      We haven’t seen legitimate gameplay yet, its way too soon to say it needs buffed.

    • Non Johns says:

      i think the rest of his kit is too strong for that

    • MemeTeamS1x says:

      @Donnie orton What he said and plus, Baptiste’s doesn’t lock on and it doesn’t get diminishing returns either, it’s 70 on direct hit and 50 on the AOE, his idea was sum like 65 on hit, 40 aoe for people within 5 meters, and 20 aoe within 10 meters

    • tatri2 says:

      @Donnie orton Baptiste isn’t charged. It’d still feel plenty different.

  3. Monts 42 says:

    with regards to the life grip, i think a decent way to try and give the friendly players more control about if they get pulled or not would be to make it so if they crouch whilst being pulled they escape the grab. this way the trolling could be avoided and also give people a chance to deny the grab if you’re making a play like you said.

  4. TLO_Yuri says:

    65 health every 3 seconds or 25 health every second. That’s how I see his healing (Of course, I can’t see what the animation speed for less than 65 is) but something tells me his healing is better in smaller, but more frequent bursts over a larger, but slower burst

    • Jackie | Jacky | Jaqy... says:

      The low charge rate and heal output is intentional

      Unlike sups like kiriko, he is a flex support, a utility based support sort of like Symmetra in ow1 not much heals because they have utility to support with instead

      His current heals are fine considering he has 7 abilities in total and a pretty strong secondary fire

    • LoneWolfDbD says:

      I think the best combo for healing will be a full charge shot followed by an insta shot for 75 hp pretty quickly

    • Lani Oshunrinade says:

      To be fair he gains ULT charge fairly quickly, I guess it’s a compensation

    • TLO_Yuri says:

      @Zyborgg That’s why I suggested it. The amounts were fine but the charge just feels too slow to keep someone from dying in a pinch. Just a slightly faster charge and its good

    • TLO_Yuri says:

      Charge it for 1 second, as intended to imply you are doing so in my post but I understand the confusion and apologize

  5. Asato Wolfe says:

    “If you can heal ’em, you can steal ’em. Let me show you what I mean…” idk why but the delivery of that statement was excellent and made me laugh.

  6. Julian Acevedo says:

    I think a cool solve to the low healing could be making the landing have a little splash healing where it would give for example 65 to the core receiver and 30 to near by allies up to a certain amount or so. Just a thought

    • Jackie | Jacky | Jaqy... says:

      They don’t want a solution

      The low heal output is intentional

      He is a utility based flex support

      Not a main support, sort of like Zenyatta you’re not supposed to be focussing heals, just enough to sustain low health allies

      But heals shouldn’t be your focus
      He is sorta like sym when she was support give utility, and support rather than blind heals that’s the main sup’s job

    • Revenge says:

      @Ironic_ghost62 Nah

    • Ironic_ghost62 says:

      He’s perfectly fine where he is. What he lacks in healing he makes up in utility, he doesn’t need a buff in his healing.

    • Jake Large says:

      Just by seeing how hard it was to keep the bots alive, I think that’d be a solid idea. I mean, even if 30 is way too much splash healing, 20 would be extremely forgiving for his kit tbh

    • YeetDaGamer says:

      _could_ be a solution but let’s see how well he plays first!

  7. bingman says:

    As a tank player, I think playing with a good Lifeweaver will be a huge boon to your ability to be aggressive. Imagine being able to run in as Ram/Rein, build a bunch of ult, then just call for your Lifeweaver to pull you out.

    • Justin Oliveira says:

      Plot twist, your Lifeweaver isn’t in voice chat and either doesn’t pull you out or does it way too early. That’s the most likely scenario, let’s be real. Comms and Overwatch players are like oil and water.

    • joe_mawma :v says:

      Out of the map is what’s gonna happen to me

    • joe famliyguy says:

      Literally a free pin with no consequences lol

    • outsider2.0 says:

      @Toranix I’m sorry, but if you not communicating then you deserve it. thats some real low elo activity

    • Ingwia Fraujaz says:

      ​@Sir RafargaWhat game are you playing because “good communication” is extremely rare in Overwatch. Hardly anyone even talks in VC.

  8. uhhhh says:

    first video i have ever seen from u but the first 10 seconds of you speaking was so serene and calming i am now following thank u for ur safe vibes king

  9. Gabriel rodriguez says:

    I knew the Phase (paragon character) pull was coming and I was afraid of this because it lends to the most horrible thing in a competitive game…which is to give agency of your character to another person. I am very concerned.

  10. KYCRE says:

    support main here, I’m honest to god really excited to play him! I can see him being really good if you can easily communicate with people to know when to grab teammates, and as someone who mainly plays with my friends I think he can really shine as a good character for me personally at least. He does seem really easy to throw and troll with which terrifies me though lol

    • Mykull says:

      ​@藍海 Correct but at the same time cover could just be replaced by for example ana nading your team and hitting heals on them, that at least from what I know is more healing than the tree and much more worth it then blocking off one entrance, the ow maps by design have more than one entrance for players to use meaning using something for collision isnt really a good use unless you can finish the kill for example the mei wall combo thing, and once again for grav theres much better picks such as, bap immo, ana nade + bap shooting healing in, bap aoe heal on top of just spamming the floor for heals, and sure the platform might help but if you jump off it then chances are you get sucked back into the ult and if not and you stay on the platform then for example the most common combo of grav blade isnt affected because your team would still be huddled to avoid grav just on the flower instead. The points you make are good I just dont think overall they’re too valid taking into consideration other supports.

    • 藍海 says:

      @Mykull You’re not valuing the cover/collision the tree provides, it has uses outside of the heal. The platform will save you from a grav before it dies everytime.

    • Mykull says:

      As another support main I’m ngl outside of the streamers who yknow obviously cant be too critical of the character because they wanna keep getting early access to heros and shit youre the only person I’ve seen be excited, overall imo he seems way too gimmicky and just like a worse zen/moira, his only good ability imo is his pull even then that has potential to be a massive throw depending on whos using it, his ult is just a worse zen ult giving out less healing in a smaller range that can be destroyed, his lift has almost no utility given that it can also be destroyed and his dash is just a worse moira fade, but I’m interested on your take on all of them

    • FlamingNinjaBoi says:

      The communication is going to be huge, tbh.

      Like he could easily be the most comm-intensive character. Being able to signal a Lifeweaver to save your life will be infinitely more effective than the Lifeweaver making that decision for you.

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