I got access to Ramattra EARLY!!

I got access to Ramattra EARLY!!

Ramattra isnt going to be as broken as people think but overall still a fun Overwatch 2 hero

Everything is streamed live @ https://www.twitch.tv/flats before being uploaded to YouTube.

0:00 Going through abilities
8:30 Interactions
12:52 My Opinions

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43 Responses

  1. Delta Phazon says:

    Rammatra has a hidden passive. Much like Regigigas, he has to wait a few weeks then he’ll get buffed and become a powerhouse.

  2. Black Dr.Doofen Shmirtz says:

    I feel like the block should increase the duration of nemesis form based on damage absorbed. This would make your armor & health a resource which would make it feel more tempo based. Also could have same affect with ult making it last longer from afar if the enemies are shooting him, this also solves the shield problem a little.

    • Senrign says:

      Why are the engineers that are sitting in blizzard hq not thinking these things ? Like honestly they either make a character too op or too underwhelming its crazy

    • Uber says:

      i like the idea with a touch of him firing out stronger punches and more range as like a 3 punch combo

    • Dapperdude says:

      lets see how his current form works before we alter him eh?

    • Eli argumedo says:

      Or maybe they just remove block and give his health full armor

    • Leon P. says:

      @jonny “I don’t have faith in blizzard, they’re gonna make the hero OP”
      *The hero doesn’t turn out to be op*
      “I don’t have faith in blizzard to implement this one very specific gimmick to this one character”

      Honestly blizzards balancing had been quite bad but the community kinda looks like clowns to me for dooming so much. But once they’re claims are false, they just find something else to doom on.

  3. Sam Schanbacher says:

    Flats: I am trying to hold off on sharing opinions until the end of the video
    Also Flats: Put “HE’S BAD” in the thumbnail

  4. Kage the orc says:

    Like JQ once she hit live, it feels like Ramattra is also just barely missing the mark in terms of having potent impact. It feels like they both need armor/shields baseline just to survive long enough to get in and -do- something. Really hope the numbers get a second glance

    • Skanderbeg says:

      I played JQ in beta and she was absolutely on par with meta. They butchered her shout, her most powerful ability, then released Kiriko who directly counters JQ ult. Live JQ is a product of nerfs and unfavorable meta. Give her a few buffs like increased passive heal, more base health, or lower shout CD and she could end up better than Roadhog again.

  5. Sam Vimes says:

    We were so worried that he’d be overpowered, we never stopped to consider that he might be underpowered

    • PorkLantis says:

      @Dinosaur2223 im still crying about that

    • Matti says:

      @mic eatah Optimal comp meaning if you have a hanzo and a genji without ult they will literally do nothing in kiriko ult.

    • Brown says:

      @Rogue true but the characters that dont (that are good) are EXTREMELY proficient in other areas. for example, ana, literally has some of the best abilities in the game. like even snipers in this game have movement abelites.

    • mic eatah says:

      @Rogue you dont but they advertise him as tempo when he has 0 tempo unless tempo means something else in ow community but i thought its someone who controls the tempo of the fight but he doesnt do shit besides being a dmg sponge for 8 seconds

    • mic eatah says:

      @Matti you dont even need optimal comp dafuq u talking she has no downside and literally no weakness her ult inhances every single char in the game too …

  6. Kenji_S says:

    I like when He claps to change forms and the staff just floats there for the animation

  7. wow ItsPortal says:

    2:20 the fact that the shield almost ends before he Finishes his voice line is hilarious, it needs to last for longer

  8. iTeHee says:

    we were so worried about skin prices, we never stopped to think about how the heroes themselves felt

    • remmy says:

      because blizzard will keep finding new ways to rip us off for our shekels.
      theyve NEVER been able to balance heroes. this is nothing new.

  9. Bung says:

    The tank marketed as countering shields gets heavily countered by shields. This is really sad to see because I was really hyped for him

  10. Tat011 says:

    The anti air move not being able to catch aerial characters is peak Blizzard design

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