I got invited to the world premiere of The Emoji Movie

I got invited to the world premiere of The Emoji Movie

I can’t stop laughing

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20 Responses

  1. Aria Nevermind says:

    Heaven in four words: emoji movie fidget spinners

  2. Heather ._. says:

    Get screwed Jarbles.

    Likes?! What?!

  3. That One Guy says:

    Turn yourself into an emoji peacock with those masks

  4. NerdyIcecream says:

    Wait…what if Sony plans to assassinate him there?

  5. andrew says:

    This was a great move by sony marketing. fucking brilliant actually

  6. Luis Martinez says:

    This is the pinnacle of human civilization

  7. Sunggyu Kim says:


  8. Our Boy Roy says:

    don’t let your memes be dreams

  9. Lucy says:

    *jack and erin are having sex*

    jack: hey babe hold still for a sec
    jack: *takes out poop emoji mask from under the pillow and puts it over erin’s face*
    erin: what the fu-
    jack: shhhhh no talking unless you sound like Patrick Stewart

  10. Charles says:

    Jack probably increased the profits of this movie by 50%. He should get half of the profits then voice the main character in the next movie

  11. Lawrence Lentini says:

    This man has single handedly created a cult following for a garbage movie that doesn’t even exist yet.

    One word… *LEGEND*

  12. Watch Frogger says:

    I swear to the god emoji if you don’t bring a camera and ask the cast of the movie the weirdest, most awkward questions you, reddit, and the fam squad can think of this has all been for nothing.

  13. Medical Officer Medkip says:

    Either Sony doesn’t understand ironic humor at all, or they really really understand ironic humor.

  14. Rasslin fan that likes the animu and loves traps says:

    If there is something that I have learned in this past 2 years is that Shitposting will lead you to places man.

    The White House, the premiere of the Emoji movie….

    Who wants to start another crusade?

  15. Loco Crim says:

    What kind of irony has Sony animations been smoking?

  16. Colonel Chipmunk says:

    You gotta admit, Sony Marketing is pretty good at their job. Shitposting the shitposter

  17. Nadya Komaraputri says:

    you did it jack,
    you hit the lowest point in your life

  18. ForWantOfAPage says:

    So the takeaway is that… The Emoji Movie really is one huge shitpost.

  19. MadGlop's Mind says:

    so first Jack gets hottopic to send him all of their twenty one pilots shirts…and now this…LEGEND.

  20. The Sqooq says:

    Your review should be very detailed and twice as long as the movie.

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