i got married

i got married

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  1. klcookie77 says:

    Okay…but the photo of Jenna in her dress, sitting on the floor with her dogs? Perfection. I cried. Congratulations to you guys!!!

  2. spiritsafe says:

    These photos are 100% what anyone could have expected J&Js wedding to be lmfao, dogs present, Julien breaking shit (more than anticipated), the mean girl glasses etc. Jenna looks so beautiful it is good to see her face.

  3. CourtneyJoy says:

    I feel like I can close a chapter of my childhood knowing that Jenna who has a huge part of that is happy and married living her best life. I cannot thank Jenna and you both for the laughs you gave me when I needed them most ❤I am so happy for you both

  4. pageymoon says:

    The photo with Cermet and Loni on Jenna’s dress just got me. She’s truly living her best life, and she deserves it after all the joy she brought to so many of us. And Julien, thank you for sharing these moments with us and being the person you are. ❤️

  5. Stargazer says:

    Jenna’s happiness and well being is what matters most, yet we miss her horribly. At least we know she’s out there in the world, experiencing her bliss.

  6. That. Hippie says:

    I’m so happy. She always told us this was a part of their life they would share with us. I’m so happy they still did that.
    I’m so happy for them 🥰

  7. глазоеды says:

    I’m SO SO SO happy for you all guys! I miss Jenna but her decision is completely understandable. I’m just glad that you two managed to find each other and I wish you to live happily ever after🤍

    upd: those 2 crowns and a heart at the end had me in tears. thank you for bringing this joy in my life too🥺

  8. MS covers says:

    Я так рада за них, увидеть Дженну после столького времени это настоящее счастье! Сейчас её особенно не хватает, вокруг один мрак и хочется снова улыбнуться и засмеятся от её видео) Так что пересматриваю сейчас старые)) Love you so much guys 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  9. LxttleBird says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us, we know Jenna wants to continue having her space from the internet and knowing that she’s willing to still share such personal and intimate moments with us, for me truly means a lot. Jenna will never truly know the effect she’s had on my life. Julien, you are an incredible kind and loving man, to share this with us all as well, to keep us updated on such a influential relationship like yours means the world. Knowing that you’re both happy and safe and healthy means the absolutely fucking world. Thank you <3

    • Augusta Vang says:

      Second this! I was tearing up looking at the photos, seeing how happy they both are! Congrats you guys!

    • Turtle_Cat_Thang says:

      I second this. I think the feeling is that as long as they’re happy and thriving, it gives us hope we can succeed with our simple holistic goals too.

    • Alexis Charest says:

      That’s what YouTubers do. They “leave” then any video they put out gets more views because of the shock lmao

    • Dev says:

      @Nikki S im so glad they could help you in your grief, and im so sorry for your loss. <3 R.I.P to your loved one.

      i understand jenna leaving, but DAMN her content was so so so missed during the covid lockdown! i still do COMPLETELY understand and respect her choice and im so grateful she didnt delete her channel.

    • Lori Williamson says:

      My thoughts exactly!!!!

  10. Claire Richter says:

    I feel so so honored that you shared such a special moment in your life with us, you both looked so amazing ❤️

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