I Got “Perfect” Jeans From An App

I Got “Perfect” Jeans From An App

I saw these smart leggings and measuring app and I was so intrigued I had to get them – I’m always down for futuristic fashion and these promised to measure me exactly and recommend some perfect jeans for my body type. What do you think? How did the app do?

ALSO: yes the stars are highlighted orange so they are 5 stars!

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20 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO my bbs!! So sorry for the delay, I’ve been traveling & sick at the same time, but we’re BACK! what did u think of this? would u subject your booty to these future leggings? xoxo, Saf. EDIT: yes the stars are highlighted orange so they are 5 stars, not empty – i checked!

  2. b dizzle says:

    I wonder if a certain channel is gonna copy ?

  3. jaismin says:

    Welcome to the comment section! Let me break it down for you, there are NASTY web surfer goblins?, There are kind pixies such as me?!, furry sidekicks??, And copy catting monkeys? and BEWARE of the dreaded glitch?, other than that have fun! and choose your sidekick with the like you got and if this comment reaches 10 and up then your 2nd digit ?
    1.? (dog)
    2.? (cat)
    3.? (pig)
    4.? (koala)
    5.? (Unicorn)
    6.? (penguin)
    7.? (dragon)
    8.? (octopus)
    9.? (horse)
    10.? (wolf)
    0. ? (ant LMAO)

  4. Constantly Converse says:

    I’m 5’5 and I’m 12

  5. Music Maniac says:

    Am I the only one who hates jeans they are so uncomfortable the last time I wore real jeans was two years ago
    Edit: omg thanks for all the likes… do you wanna hear an embarrassing jeans story… so in forth grade I was wearing a pair of jeans that were a bit too loose so when I got up to get something everyone saw my underwear it was only a matter of a year later when I stopped wearing jeans completely

  6. just some loser says:

    I feel like if they were measuring for a perfect size then they’d also measure the calf and thighs, because I often have the problem when I’m buying jeans that the waist will fit but then it’ll be too tight or too loose on my legs

  7. Ashley Berra says:

    You told the app you wear a size 8 & then it recommended 8… I wonder if it would recommend differently if you entered the wrong size

  8. Strangely. Oreo says:

    I am jelly of Saf’s curves

  9. Tali Steveyssis says:

    please try fashion nova clothes

  10. D Ransom says:

    I feel like this could be a consequence to her in the future when she wants to have children who knows what this technology might actually do to her ovaries.

  11. Adrienne Lawless says:

    OMG Saf I love that you shared your weight like its no big deal! Makes me feel better to see someone being so real and honest, and not lying about having an average weight. Btw your body is goals and youre overall gorgeous.

  12. Panic! At the ramen Noodle soup says:

    It kinda makes me feel good that me and Safiya are the same height and weight idk it makes me feel a little bit better about myself

  13. Happy87164 says:

    Omg ! Your an August birthday too? Mine was today 😀

  14. Lafayette Baguette says:

    Next week on Buzzfeed: We tried Perfect Jeans for a week!

  15. 7lol7girl says:

    I give it a few weeks before buzzfeed copies her video!

  16. Karli Pujo says:

    Likes video because saf says a Harry Potter quote ?

  17. Morgan Miller says:

    2:12 did you say “quilted ASSpect”

    I’m so sorry I hate myself too

  18. the weird girl says:

    Hope Buzzfeed Doesn’t see this

  19. kelby self says:

    At 2:30 it showed 55 texts and 99 phone notifications on her phone! Dang that’s a lot!

  20. Jordan Varner says:

    lol what if this is all a front for the government to gain information about the size of our booties for a healthcare plan or something. 0.o

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