I Got To See Apex Legends Season 14 Early! – 24 HUGE Changes Revealed (Prestige, Meta And More!)

I Got To See Apex Legends Season 14 Early! – 24 HUGE Changes Revealed (Prestige, Meta And More!)

I Got To See Season 14 Early! – x HUGE Details revealed (Prestige System, HUGE Meta Changes)

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54 Responses

  1. The Gaming Merchant says:

    I made a BIG mistake with this video – it’s 500 x 4 levels for 2,000 total, not 7 x 4

    • Danieru says:

      You didnt show us any of the “upcomming update” CHANGE, thanks for bait. What a useless video.

    • Yannik Wolle says:

      @K h a a l i x So why they don’t fill up diamond with Plats sometimes… You played rank? Plat: Just farming Golds and Bots
      Diamond: Pro Predlobbys
      Is this fair for you?

    • K h a a l i x says:

      @Yannik Wolle not enough pred/master players to fill lobbies in a decent mm time, brs cant have good matchmaking, its doomed to be dogshit. no way to fix it unless you make it ez to rank up or increase q times which no one wants

    • Alex Link says:

      @Konnor Kivimagi A good change would just make it so you can buy apex packs for like 8200 legend tokens or something. its not crazy at all, would alleviate this problem, and make it possible to continue progressing. But ig greed is greed.

    • Yannik Wolle says:

      Did they say something about to the matchmaking and fix the server? I don’t want to keep playing solo as a diamond 4 player in Predlobbys with my Platinum randoms…

  2. 0000 says:

    i was honestly worried about this season doing bad but its seems that they are making a lot of amazing changes that make up for not having a new weapon

    • Typicalisac says:

      im kinda mad about the wingman honestly

    • Charge Rifle Dave says:

      Needa be more hard towards third parties considering they refuse to add something as small as fucking audio.

      Third parties should take incredibly more damage from the team they are third partying

    • Charge Rifle Dave says:

      No audio, no deal

    • FACEMAN says:

      @hog n dog What it offers is better. The gameplay obviously isn’t as good, but every other aspect is better. Modes, mechanics, the unique legends they have, the presentation, the frequency of updates/seasons.

    • hog n dog says:

      @FACEMAN You’re delusional if you think Mobile is better than PC

  3. Ridlay says:

    On question though, will the Wingman still be considered a pistol? Like it takes sniper ammo and attachments now, but will it still have all the handling and strafing of a pistol? I assume so since that’s what makes it so good but just checking.

    • xXPmpChmpnXx says:

      @The Gaming Merchant can you collateral with the new wingman

    • Rakku says:

      @Gabe no…. only pistols besides the wingman can use hammerpoint

    • PR13ST_Snipxs says:

      @Gabe that would be so broken it’s a pistol only hop up not a light ammo hop up

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ says:

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    • itzswifty says:

      @Gabe you’ve never been able to use hammerpoint on spitfire and just because it’s going to be a light weapon it won’t have them like the 301 and r99 doesn’t

  4. Touku says:

    My fave change is that Volt is ground loot again cause it means people will use energy again and not only when Turbocharger is craftable

    • Touku says:

      @Ephraim Karavan I don’t know what kinda server you are playing on but no one on Oregon’s servers running no energy. I always gotta drop it for a light/heavy weapon after 2 fights

    • Ephraim Karavan says:

      I’m not sure what rock you’ve been under this past season but I am frequently getting beamed by Havocs and turbo Devotions :/

    • Touku says:

      @CaMpEr_ SUPREME7 it’s still gonna be a good beam, I can play M&K and controller comfortably and have good enough confidence that it just makes it more close range. Plus, have you never tried hip firing with the car?? It’s a monster on both roller and Keyboard

    • FireMin says:

      Finally my l-star enjoyer self can actually use the weapon in rank while finding ammo for it

    • 10 Second Channel says:

      Literally broken gun I’m happy!

  5. Andrew Green says:

    This new season sounds really promising and refreshing. I really like how most of the major meta issues are being addressed, I just hope they clean up the annoying bugs

    • Sir Eclipse says:

      @Elim Garak blame EA, respawn doesn’t have the control over the game as they do

    • Riley Hogan says:

      @ASB0JACK7H makes sense since sniper ammo is rare and its the most hard hitting ammo type

    • Fisiax says:

      @Elim Garak if we want be honest devs said the want to change apex engine because it’s old as frick and can’t anymore stand what apex is now, and it’s even the problem of the major issues

    • Aquanos says:

      @Elim Garak Noone said it’s fixed? It’s being ADDRESSED.

    • Andrew Green says:

      @Elim Garak that’s the one thing I’m still concerned about, apex really needs to get its matchmaking straightened out

  6. StimOLego says:

    Alternator already has a super good hipfire so that combod with a laser would make it insane and it still has good range so it might become a pretty powerful weapon

  7. Neppy5000 says:

    I’m gonna miss my Bocek so badly, but it makes sense for it to be in the CP (Skull 30-30 though 👀)

  8. Derpy_Blobfish says:

    Will boosted loader and shatter caps still be available for the weapons that can take skullpiercer? And if so, will you be able to use both at once? And will tempo and shatter caps even be floor loot since the bow is CP?

  9. Exist64 says:

    Smart changes. I literally approve of all of them, especially light ammo Spitfire and buffed EVA-8. I just would’ve liked some attention to Arenas pacing and matchmaking too.

  10. N21 says:

    The ammo change for the Wingman and Spitfire is genius. I’m also excited to get my hands on the Scout and Volt again

    • Night Stick says:

      I was surprised to hear about that one. It makes sense when you hear it, but I hadn’t even considered balancing the weapon by changing it’s ammo type to, in the case of the wingman, reduce stack size, or in both cases, to balance ammo availability. It’s a neat idea that I think could work well.

    • Zachary Drummond says:

      @ALEX ANDR no apex august was always a stupid idea

    • ALEX ANDR says:

      so is this cancelling no apex august

    • GurnGames says:

      i am exaited for the g7 to come back but its now an isue as my loot combo is spitfire and the scout

    • Unit 13E | KFP Exterminator says:

      There seems to be a fair number of people against it, though I assume any change to the wingman would be seen negatively. I’m excited that people can’t brainlessly spam it across the map for free damage without any thought to ammo management while for skilled players it’s still a threat up close

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