I got two copyright claims…

I got two copyright claims…

As of the time of writing this description, my first video has received two copyright claims….

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20 Responses

  1. 1More4TheGain says:

    I have to sneeze

  2. Brittney Bruno says:

    well in one day you’ve gotten over 2,200 subscribers!! :)

  3. cofcoolers says:


    …then start getting your paper work together. (Start you research on
    copyright claims)

  4. TheSmithPlays says:

    Was going to give advice but pewdiepie pretty much nailed it. Claims are
    better than strikes at least. In the past when I’ve gotten these claims I
    have just said fuck it and deleted the video as a fuck you to the the

  5. Daniel Mosun says:

    Wtf is Reddit?

  6. Fringe Garden Channel says:

    I try to avoid any music and sound effects for the fear of copyright
    claims, but you’re right, YouTube should have a team of people who deal
    with copyright claims because their automated system doesn’t work.

  7. Matt Wax says:

    I subscribed go for it man ! Do it the right way

  8. Tommy Ens says:

    We need more FUPA.

  9. Gorlocker says:

    Talk to @FUPA on twitter

  10. Arsham Hosseinipour says:


  11. David says:

    oooOOOOoo nobody gives a shit

  12. A kid in Africa says:

    2,200 subs now :)

  13. Easy Life says:

    I’ve had the exact same problem on my videos with the same questions that
    you have. I am awaiting the result of some disputes. Most of my problems
    come from Creative Commons music that other artists have sourced (with
    EXTREMELY amateur performances I might add) and their labels overzealously
    enforce their copyright. I have felt the same internal struggles as you and
    agree the system rife for and with abuse and is psychotically robotic.

  14. Jordan Kelly says:

    FUPA Avengers assemble!

  15. Lil'Mike Outchere says:

    look at h3h3 recent video, they are in the process of battling this via
    setting up FUPA

  16. Joshua Butler says:

    Watch hankschannel’s how to deal with copyright claims video

  17. Blue says:

    FUPA support ?

  18. chemical mike says:

    Maybe people should circumvent YouTube’s copyright filters and just make
    their own web page. Put the good stuff on your website and just put some
    catchy advert vids on YouTube. Eventually YouTube will have to give in as
    no one will come to YouTube just to watch commercials.

  19. TheBurtDude says:

    Nice name Im BurtGasm :p

  20. _ says:

    And i personally believe that shitty or shady network(s)/MCNs should be
    shot down/terminated for good but youtube can’t do that, only court can and
    to make court do just that someone needs to report bad mcn into law
    enforcement, no other way around

    This comment might be unrelated with this current situation, just in
    general statement