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20 Responses

  1. tuxedo. girl says:

    I think Dark came out a bit

  2. ShadowKnight16 says:

    “MARK I SEE YOU! YOU CAN”T HIDE!”, I starting dying there, lol

  3. Twilight Rebel says:

    Is it bad that thats what i do during lunch when im bored?

  4. 7-11 bunny girl Cute says:

    If I saw a markiplier on the floor I will take a picture post it on twitter and put #markiplierareyouok

  5. fluffycats111 says:


  6. Oaklandskye 3099 says:

    Did anyone else notice mark and Amy’s matching puzzle pieces necklace with the heart on it sooooo cute!!!

  7. Lil Blacky says:

    Did mark make it out alive find out next time o total drama island

  8. The Timelords says:

    Can someone explain who he was hiding from, and who he was trying to see and why? I didnt see the stream

  9. Exodus Blackheid says:

    Markimoo:”I’m fine. Can’t you see how fine I am?!”
    Ladyfriend: You look very fine….”

    Ohh I think you bein hit on you wild ?, you. Markimoo Solid Snakekoo mode, initiating Metal Gear theme music.

  10. opjp35 says:

    imagine someone seeing an adult crawling on the floor talking to himself

  11. Lotus Blossom says:

    The way Tyler disappeared around the corner laughing ??????

  12. Helen Moniaki says:

    This is what playing a lot of video games does to you ????

  13. Zoe King says:

    Has anyone else spotted his necklace with the heart on the puzzle piece or is it just me?

  14. Ellie de Vries says:

    When Amy went over to check on him ? that was cute. THEY’RE CUTE.

  15. Sarcastic Trash says:

    “There’s a guy underneath that table”

  16. Slippery When wet says:

    Marks lets play of
    Social anxiety simulator 2017

  17. Green Barenaked Ladies says:

    Mark: “I think they’re gone.” Tyler peaks around the corner.

  18. Arin Jäger says:

    all these years of playing survival games are paying off, I see 😀

  19. Nuvuk says:

    Ive seen horror movies like this.

  20. Troller98 says:

    Wtf is mark doing lol

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