I guess this needed to be said.

I guess this needed to be said.

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20 Responses

  1. Alexandre Supertramp says:

    PewDiePie are you a virgin?

  2. DiamondCry says:

    I really really like it when Felix is true to us, and not in an act mode.. thank you Felix for being a real person to us, fans. you inspire me

  3. John Morrison says:

    Dont apoligize to these crazy liberals and dont explain yourself either!

  4. Josh Rh says:

    I just realized, why the fuck is nazism a meme?

  5. kanyallhearmenow says:

    GEORGE WASHINGTON owned slaves, i guess his statues are next

  6. Moashe Finklestein says:

    They aren’t all even white supremacists though. White nationalism is a lot different than white supremacy. All white nationalists want is to stop being replaced in their own countries. Furthermore, the violence that happened wasn’t the fault of the white nationalists. Antifa went there and started stirring shit up and attacking people. The car “attack” was anything but an attack. The driver is clearly braking when some antifa goon smashes his rear bumper and he tries to gun it through the crowd to get away, but ends up smashing into another car that antifa has surrounded. At which point, antifa start smashing the car some more (great idea!) and he backs through them all and flees.

    Furthermore, the double standard and false equivalency here is astounding. Leftists will claim that not all Muslims are terrorists when a Muslim drives a freakin’ fuckhuge transport truck down a boardwalk in the name of Allah, or into a busy supermarket area (also in the name of Allah) and then claim that a white man who was driving at a perfectly reasonable speed down a public roadway, and then tried to ram through a crowd of protestors when one of them tried to smash his bumper was a “White supremacist terrorist attack”

  7. Jeenkz K says:

    The news is so quick to point out Nazis but suddenly fall silent when communists are rallying. Both are evil and EQUALLY dangerous! Btw I hope you’re suing the Wall Street journal!

  8. Jenna Durant says:

    the amount of neo-nazis in pewdiepies comments is so disturbing

  9. virtual flames says:

    Why is like 90% of pewdiepie viewers conservative when he’s fucking obviously liberal

  10. star platinum kujo says:

    Why is this not on trending?

  11. Kristian Bork says:

    dat aint on the news

  12. DisLB says:

    How to get diamonds on Minecraft?

  13. Steam Dino 2 says:

    Shame pewds had to make this video

  14. Alexa Solsona says:

    where are my #PinoyBros at??? ❤ sister fister!

  15. TheKing says:

    Why does this video even exist? Dark humor is the best humor

    Edit: Holy shit, I didnt expect this to get so many likes.
    I respect his decision, I’m not trying to stop him, but I just dont think he should apologize just because a few over sensitive people can’t take a joke or read sarcasm. We should know by now that pewds isn’t like any of these guys.

  16. Jeff says:

    Hey pewds just wanna thank you for giving me a shout out in your every single video. Thank you 🙂

  17. Dab Daddy Aleks says:

    I can’t find any of the comments defending Nazis through all the comments talking about the comments defending Nazis…

  18. DEUS VULT says:

    Do not cuck yourself. They lied about you pewds remember that.

  19. Jason Andres says:

    Antifa are terrorists using fear tactics to make people think like them. The white people that were there were the peaceful ones. And all these people saying Americans fought Nazis. Well ya, they did. But soon they realized that they fought the wrong enemy! George S Patton said this. Trump knows a lot about George S Patton. Trump knows the white people at those rallies were not violent. Trump knows white people elected him into office. Trump knows antifa and BLM are the real hate groups. White people created a beautiful society for all colors of people to live in and this is how you repay us. By treating us like complete shit. Well fuck all of you.

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