I Had A Bad Day Today

I Had A Bad Day Today

good talk good talk

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.



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49 Responses

  1. Trashcan uwu says:

    All I can say is I’m proud that Cory still gotta smile on his face despite how wrong his day went ?….I would’ve had a meltdown ??‍♀️?

  2. CrypticVibezzz says:

    I thought the title said “I had a baby today” ?

  3. Erica Strait says:

    8 had a bad day my friend was getting mad at me and said she was going to choke me at school that’s just great I can’t wait for school because She is gonna get bodyed if she tries.when is her fault

  4. Subliminally Multicultural says:


  5. JUSTA WOLF says:

    I had two snow days in a row that cancelled school so…..yeah I just played RDR2 the entire time

  6. NsG Alpha YT says:

    1 like = 1 Pray for my test tomorrow…

  7. Kayla M. says:

    Don’t know if you read the comments, but sorry you had a bad day! Glad you got it working!

  8. 3vil4ndr3w says:

    This is how much u love Cory from
    0 – infinite *Like His VIDEO to*

  9. check out my pog collection morty says:

    The irony is I had a great day today got a Nintendo switch and a haircut 4 my birthday so yeah…

  10. roast beaf says:

    Every day is a bad day for me unless you post?

  11. Homo Pik says:

    People be saying, oh hey Cory. Can we get some more uploads on Jumpforce, and what about those t-shirts huh? But me.. Im asking FOR 1 THING!!! WE NEED CORYXCOOKING BLACK

  12. ButterCubes says:

    Im Officially A 4 Year Samurai Veteran

  13. E-quality Op says:

    Hope your ok today btw I didn’t watch the video

  14. Thanos says:

    So your gonna stream the walking dead ?

  15. Lia Wahyuni says:

    I had a bad day too! I stepped on a lego

  16. Foxle’s Clover says:

    I also had I bad day today I broke my fingers today…. ;-;

  17. Infamous Master says:

    Bring back cooking with Kenshin and make Alfredo or I will pour my milk before my cereal from now on

  18. lol no says:

    I stepped on a Lego…

  19. Gcan123 says:

    I had a bad day today too. I failed the exam I practiced 5 hours for yesterday, got into a fight and lost, had to reinstall Windows 10 on my PC because it kept bluescreening on me.. But hey! Atleast I am home now, which means I can continue production on the YTP I am making of you. 😀

    EDIT: To anyone having a good day, good for you! I hope it stays that way 🙂

  20. Paws Ghost Gamers says:

    What did the child say to Cory?

    Read more

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