Serious video. If you don’t like it go away.

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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

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20 Responses

  1. Aster Serif says:

    Keep it up Alex. You helped me and I hope you get better soon.

  2. YobCow says:

    Do like…
    I HATE….
    Like literally the planet…
    like the floating thing in space…
    that would be rad!

  3. WathoRants says:

    This is so informative, just do whatever you please. No matter what you do
    not exactly everyone will agree with you, especially when your heaps
    proper. There will be crazy psychopathic fans in every community, but
    you’ll eventually get over it. Have a YouTube break, no true subscribers
    are restricting you. :)

  4. Mathew Rosevold says:

    This was inspiring. IHE I’ll take video quality over quantity. You’re
    videos are a great watch and have brought many smiles to my face after many
    dull days from working shitty ass “real” jobs. Never undermine yourself.
    Judging by your subscribers and comments alone I’d say you’re videos go
    beyond a real job to a public service. If you ever came to America I’d buy
    you a drink… and a dinner…. and maybe dessert. haha.

  5. BleedingFish says:

    A job should never come before your mental health, i hope you get better as
    fast as possible. Take care of yourself please.

  6. Myles Co. says:

    Isn’t it odd that he rants about the trending tab, then this ends up in the
    trending tab.

  7. Lucas Rhodes says:

    I do relate with IHE with pretty much everything he’s said, except the
    general attitude of where I live prevents any improvement whatsoever.
    Nothing positive I do is ever praised or appreciated, i’m penalised
    severely for any mistakes I make (which isn’t often at all) and people will
    often call me weak if I ever try to get help and tell me to shrug it off.
    It’s probably a bad idea for me to talk about this with strangers, but fuck
    it I don’t care.

  8. christian joel says:

    just put a gun on your mouth and pull the trigger is that easy.

  9. venus sacra says:

    Were you informed that the prescription which was given to you from the
    doctor would has the same positive effect on you even if they were fake?

  10. Marie Allegri Dodeuil says:

    I’m sorry you have to go trough that. I hope your anxiety gets better. You
    deserve to be safe and healthy. You owe us nothing at all, please be safe.

  11. MBF78 says:

    Sometimes, at night, I get these episodes of being afraid for no reason at
    all. Now they’re nowhere near as bad as you’ve described here, but still.
    I hope things can improve for you, because I’m sure they can. So good luck
    and stay safe.

  12. Jetstar600 says:

    I feel you. Anxiety is a living hell no one deserves to suffer through.
    Take any amount of time you need, you deserve the time away for generously
    giving us so much so often. We will understand. :^)

  13. Kappa Master says:

    jar Alex is still better than ihe Alex.

  14. The Rogue Potato says:

    Its okay IHE just do what you want and how you want to do it.

  15. AKArainkit says:

    Why are people doxxing IHE? That’s fucked up.
    Yeah, go ahead and should slow down. Take as much time as you need. We

  16. Just Watch It says:

    You’re amazing dude, keep on keeping on and do what makes you happy.

  17. Miguel A says:

    This is seriously becoming my favorite channel. And I have so much more
    respect for you after watching this video. I can definitely relate to what
    you are talking about, Do whatever you need to do for your health :)

  18. Earthbjorn Nahkaimurrao says:

    Anxiety can really ruin your life. Take it seriously. Seek out things that
    make you laugh and relax and cut out anything that worsens your anxiety.
    This might involve making some real changes.

  19. Music4ever248 says:

    I’m here for you 🙂 And take as much time as you need x P.S. The nature
    images were really relaxing

  20. kim jong Bing bong says:

    whelp, the channel was gun while it lasted, gl in the future.