I Hate Fireworks. I’m Sorry.

I Hate Fireworks. I’m Sorry.

Please don’t hate me but I don’t like fireworks.

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58 Responses

  1. Waverly Ward says:

    I’m scared of fireworks lol

  2. GabzOfficial says:

    Michelle killed it!! What a legend! x

  3. DarkPlayer says:

    Yesterday I had an nightmare about fireworks and now I’m watching a video about fireworks lol

  4. KILLERMEXICAN210 says:

    So if you choke on toast and almost die will you hate toast?

  5. Bubshies The Tomato says:

    I hate fireworks too…

  6. Trevor Walker says:

    Fire works are illegal where I live I I don’t have his problem

  7. Celia Cahn von Seelen says:

    I just moved to Switzerland so I totally forgot that today was the fourth of July

  8. Asiboe says:

    ostriches are pretty scary tho

  9. AllenTube Official says:

    I hate the people in the comments who say “oh no I hate fireworks they are so stupid!”


  10. Merriellen Roselette says:

    _Some People actually LiKE sleeping_ **Point at self and probably others** ( o^o) Happy 4th of July, tho.

  11. Sarah Hirdjee says:

    It’s okay you don’t have to like fireworks Alex

  12. Alina Ge says:

    Who else came here from Michelle?

  13. Sonia's Way says:

    I hate fireworks too, except the visuals, everything about it is harmful 😳
    I love your animatios, I make animations too..not this great..but trying to 😇

  14. Ironic Dutch Moonshade says:

    But now you’ve ostracized ostriches, so it is about them.

  15. Gacha Studio Animations says:


  16. Henrique Cabral says:

    Are you a naruto fan @alex Clark?

  17. Xx kingXx says:

    I don’t like fireworks either ;-; only because I got badly injured and burned my arm badly when I was around 8- *everyone was freaking out and I didn’t know until I looked at my arm*
    *_Hated fireworks ever since_*

  18. Giligan98 says:

    Everyone is entitled to their *wrong* opinion 😂

  19. Yennie Fer says:

    I definitely want to hear the next part of this!

  20. Eğelence Saltanatı says:

    i love them but, they can last veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long and this BUGS me!

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