I have a BIG announcement…

I have a BIG announcement…

Thank you everyone for the incredible support! I LOVE YOU ALL! ❤️ (This video was filmed early February)
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37 Responses

  1. Ultra Instinct Dekeidric says:

    Watching this just made my day I like when we lift and help each other out it’s what makes life in general so much better for people who are dealing or have dealt with something in their lives🙂

  2. Brendon Cromwell says:

    Aww man, wasn’t expecting this video to tug at the old heart strings. You’re such a role model TG.. keep up the good work.

  3. AverageYT says:

    I’m so proud of you tg

    Honestly an inspiration 🥰❤‼

  4. Cash the Bash says:

    I’d love to just even see him drive down a road in his huracan. That would be 😌👌

  5. Thomas Anderson says:

    Typical Game the only gamer who doesn’t take gaming so serious that he gets mega tilted like other streamers. Like for real its just a game

    -ninja has entered chat

  6. Zach Waterston says:

    Andre your literally the best person ever my dude❤️

  7. aaron taylor says:

    Being a former patient of Children’s Hospital I truly thank you for everything you’ve done!

  8. ll_GX7_ll says:

    Am I the only one who thought he was gonna switch to twitch or mixer 😂. Love u TG keep up the great work 💙💙

  9. MarshmelloPlays says:

    This gave me chills over and over again. WE LOVE YOU TG… MACHO LOVE 💪♥️♥️

  10. Greengray Uniqueness says:

    He is one of the only people who actually care about his fans
    Unlike others

  11. xavier lobatos says:

    When typical gamer said he’s streaming exclusively on YouTube I yelled in my house “ YESSSSS SIRRRRRRRRR”

  12. Sʟᴇᴇᴢʏ says:

    This man came a long way, got me crying like a proud dad🥺😭

  13. Dizzy Brydog says:

    Who else has been watching him since he did gta 5 mods in his old apartment

  14. Xen Heavenly says:

    Am i the only one who was so happy for him that they cried

  15. TexasHALLETTS says:

    Was I the only one scared he was going to say he is going to twitch luke if this happened to you

  16. mrcookies300 says:

    l think this is why we watch tg he is so nice and underrated l have been watching him since l was 9 and lm 15 now and this has truly has been an amazing journey 👌

  17. Lincoln3315 L says:

    What a great guy. the kids out there today should look at what he is doing.

  18. Hazad says:

    TG is an amazing person, just want to let that out😀

  19. Adrian West says:

    This is so wholesome…Its crazy how far TG has come, I’ve been here since before tg hit 600,000 and been watching him for almost all my life now. Tg just know im waiting for the next stream

  20. Enigma says:

    2:40 For a second I thought he was gonna say he would be streaming exclusively on mixer, not that much of an announcement.

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