I have a confession.

I have a confession.

Mythical beasts… I have a confession to make… and it’s that today’s game involved Link trying to see if he can predict the deepest darkest secrets other YouTubers are willing to put out on the internet.   GMM #1380

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61 Responses

  1. Josiah Hewett says:

    When I think of a YouTuber confessing something I thought like”Hey guys I have a confession: I do drugs.” Not “I left my Christmas decorations up for a month after Christmas.”

  2. No One says:

    Did they just clickbait a game again?😂

  3. Deez Nutz says:

    The thumbnail looks like the Logan Paul apology video

  4. Colleen Ballinger says:

    Bacon is trash.

  5. Hosenfeld24601 says:

    I have a confession: it really bothers me when content from the episode of the day is exclusively posted elsewhere. Because I try to keep what social media accounts I have and look at to a minimum, this means I only see these videos and don’t see the results of whatever punishment was supposed to take place. I realize the importance of expanding in other areas, but I wish it could be done without excluding people who try to limit their presence on social media. As much as I love GMM, I’m not going to start checking out those other social media sites just to see that content. It’s not incredibly satisfying, as a viewer, to feel left out. Take it as you will – I know you take your fans into account.

  6. Emilia Östholm says:

    *goes on massive rant about bacon*


    “okay next question…”

  7. cody bowman says:

    Definitely not a fan of the new punishments on instagram. I don’t use instagram at all, and I feel like that fact takes away from the show. Really disappointed the last few episodes.

  8. BryceWithRice says:

    I thought Rhett was gonna finally confess he loves cats…

  9. PCMasterRace says:

    One of these days the answer is going to be so wild that it will be D, and they will just laugh but it’ll be that one.

  10. anna g smith says:

    you guys should bring colleen ballinger on & play an international bacon taste test asap

  11. Salvador Martinez says:

    These confessions are not worthy confessions at all.

  12. MrBevoRules says:

    What’s with them pushing Instagram so much? I guess they want to diversify, but I’m not leaving YouTube to watch something that should have been in this video. Love you guys, and I watch everything you post… on YouTube.

  13. Chris K says:

    Why did I think they were gonna come out?

  14. Christine Barger says:

    I also don’t like bacon 🥓

  15. LucyDog14 says:


  16. Joe Gilchrist says:

    FrOm tHe mOmEnT I sAw yOu, I kNeW yOu wErE


  17. miranda edgar says:

    rhett is extra goofy in this episode

  18. JarrinDBmx says:

    *The clickbait kinda tilted me but you put Foo Fighters in there so it’s ok just this once.*

  19. acefjom says:

    I’m sorry guys. No matter how much you tease it, I’m not making an Instagram, twitter, w/e account.

  20. Donna October says:

    I love it when Rhett’s inner Damnyell comes out.

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