I have news.

I have news.

I’ve been keeping this secret for a while…

Thank you to all the wonderful people that took part in this video. I know this is a challenging time but we’re in this together. Please help however you can:

Torie’s GoFundMe | Help Torie with medical bills and costly expenses

Support KimJoy in Seattle by following her and by booking an appointment once her shop reopens!

Love for Labelle: Race to Raise | Support pups finding their forever home!
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Follow Jaya for more dope art!

Durrani Bros for the music and mixing: https://www.instagram.com/durranibros

Watch my friends try and guess my big news:

My Honest Thoughts About My Late Night Show:

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66 Responses

  1. Lilly Singh says:

    Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and continues to do so. I wouldn’t be here without y’all. WE GOT A SEASON TWO BABY. Please help out the people in the video, if you’re able to. The links are in the description! Also, check out my vlog where I give you my honest thoughts about my late night show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8Gfe6fkNC8

    • Rachel Bell says:

      Do you support the Canadian Liberal party?

    • Mighty Shanolgorhythm says:

      Have a great second season but tell your writers to stop stealing jokes. That ain’t cool. It makes you look bad.

    • Janet Westberg says:

      OMG Lilly you are amazing! You do so many great and helpful things, to help so many people. I love you soo much!
      P. S. I graduate college next week Wednesday and our graduation got cancelled till the fall so our college is doing it via YouTube for us for now!

    • jdub whiteboy says:

      Lilly you are doing good.

    • WelshRighz Project says:

      I was able to help one chica yet I’ve been doing best to support my people as well. Let’s keep it going!

  2. nyla fozdar says:

    “so happy
    getting quarantoned”

  3. BlackBlood says:

    Now I don’t always agree with Lily but I’m glad she’s helping other people in these trying times. Stay safe out there everyone.

    • BlackBlood says:

      Dave Tugwell No offense but it’s not like I’m saying I hate Lily and think she should stop making videos, no I’m just saying I don’t agree with what she says sometimes but not everything she says and I’m actually happy seeing others help people. That’s the point.

    • BlackBlood says:

      Risingofthephoenixx x I was listening and I’m not saying it is clickbait I was just saying what someone else said if you weren’t paying attention.

    • Jessica Nadale says:

      Yeah. bless her she really helped this guy out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rDEHxo5i4o

    • isuckatguitar12 says:

      @Jayden K because maybe the only way to truly test your understanding of your identity in terms of ideals is tolisten to different/opposing perspectives? Maybe doing so enriches your understanding of the issues being discussed and you’ll sometimes see data you wouldn’t have otherwise?

  4. Vrushali Patil says:

    The best thing she did was that she didn’t just handed the money, she creates job so that it won’t feel as charity.

    Loved the way she helped people.

    This is what we want. Not people throwing money from their cars.

    • BigPluto 2006 says:

      ilikepancakes :p cause FaceTime ain’t like the real thing as the lack of physically seeing someone and having contact with the person is the problem. I can’t even count how many weeks it’s been since I digitally saw my friends’ face, or even get to hear their voice, because I always have to do these online classes and extra lessons. Me and my friends can almost never find a good time to at least call or FaceTime each other. And the pandemic is making it physiologically worse for people who already have mental disorders, as it’s causing more depressive and isolating state of mind, and take this from someone who has autism and bipolar depression. The only problem is that there’s not enough testing because the majority who received (about %90) didn’t get the Corona Virus. And there’s already someone who works in the medical industry who found the treatment or cure for Covid-19 but the medical companies and doctors keep being a b*tch because they claim that it needs to have a diagnosis.

    • ilikepancakes :p says:

      BigPluto 2006 I’m pretty sure cures need to go through like a 100 step testing process for some reason because the last thing they need right now if for cures to make things even worse. FaceTime is a good way to keep in touch but it’s not guaranteed to feel like a real experience. The people that didn’t get tested should be staying inside too so it won’t affect anyone if they really are sick. I don’t know where u live so maybe things are taken differently there but where I live even though there aren’t many cases ppl are still very serious about it

    • BigPluto 2006 says:

      ilikepancakes :p I mean the cure that she founded was something really natural and simple to consume. IDK I have to find her speech and then copy and paste the link.

    • ilikepancakes :p says:

      BigPluto 2006 what country do u live in?

    • BigPluto 2006 says:

      ilikepancakes :p U.S.

  5. acva 16 says:

    Why is no one talking about her getting quarantoned?

  6. Smriti Mehta says:

    “Im getting quaran-toned”

    Wish I could say that but I have literally procrastinated more than ever in quarantine

  7. Sasha Dee says:

    that title did us all dirty….i literally thought you were just going to say the update but this video is a banger. Why do I ever doubt you man? Love love love all the way. 2nd season wohooooooo!!!

  8. Shawly Isaque says:

    Thought she was gonna talk about they criticizing not a season two 😂😂😂

  9. Helen Liu says:

    GURRRL everyone either has youtube videos called:
    I’m sorry
    I have news
    I have to address something

  10. S A says:

    She’s nice and kind hearted but lemme be honest, the show sucks, she needs to stick with YouTube it fits her more.

  11. jay 98 says:

    Why is she so much more likeable here. I really want to like her but her jokes on her show are really hard to watch. Hope she gets better in time

  12. Rayla says:

    i thought this video was about her getting cancelled..

  13. Sanjana Soemeer says:

    I hope she is going to take the advice that a whole lotta people told her in Youtube videos. If she does I might actually watch the show.

  14. Pharmacist says:

    Bruh what was NBC smoking

  15. Crazy Gaming says:

    I know I’m not the only one that sighed at 0:23

    • Alden Crane says:

      robert stein people wouldn’t be like this if it was good

    • Kicksno1fan says:

      robert stein
      youre so right. why are people even here if they dont like her??

    • robert stein says:

      Alden Crane I hope the people you are talking about are the ones who give constructive criticisms and not the ones that act like because they have a hole in the face that gives them the right to intentionally hurt someone they know nothing about. She literally said on her insta that she knew there were things she needed to change and some of those things where not completely her fault because the usual time to produce takes a year but she did hers in a space of just 3months because of I think money issues! That’s not enough time produce a show!

    • Animock says:

      @robert stein
      But they are paying people to like and watch her show

    • Samantha says:

      robert stein she should have thought about that before doing the show.

  16. Toomm says:

    Lilly: “I have news”
    Also Lilly: *gives gift cards to people and pulls out some budget Igyy Azalea*

  17. Some One says:

    Guess what

    I’m not excited because you’re not funny

  18. angiieezz vibezz says:

    I don’t even watch this person, I’m only here for the clickbait title

  19. FBI says:

    I don’t know what is more surprising—the fact that you got trending or the fact that you are still doing this.

  20. Jackson Anderson says:

    I thought the news was gonna be that shes a bi women of color

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