I Have Severe OCD | The Secret Life of Lele Pons

I Have Severe OCD | The Secret Life of Lele Pons

It’s no secret Lele Pons is one of the most successful social media icons with over 40 million followers and considered an internet trailblazer for her contributions to various platforms. Known for her unfiltered videos, candid humor and crazy stunts, Lele’s storytelling arch takes a more serious tone as she opens up to the world with her deepest secret. Through access to private moments, emotional interviews and never seen before footage, Lele reveals her life long struggle with OCD among other mental health conditions and doesn’t shy away from the most intimate details of her battle.

If you or someone you know needs help, find resources in your area from the International OCD Foundation: https://iocdf.org/?s=+&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_provider&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_clinic&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_support_group&post_type%5B%5D=iocdf_program&search-type=provider

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64 Responses

  1. Sabrina Quinn says:

    To all the people who disliked this video….

    OCD is hard and people fighting it do suffer and disliking the video only makes you much of a hater and a reason for worse health of OCD patients so..don’t be proud of yourself.


    • Sunny Gacha says:

      Marco -The Phoenix that’s extremely rude to people, who have ocd

    • progamer_xs _ says:

      This is for the people who disliked the video :
      Ocd is a hard disorder and millions of people are suffering from it and its really disrespectful to dislike even if you dont have ocd you sould always respect those who have it and ocd is stick with you forever and thats a challenging part of life having ocd or other disorders is really hard and can impact peoples life and its not a easy thing to deal with its a challenging thing to deal with so please be respect to everyone 🙂

    • Mapel Syrup says:

      I agree we love you Lele

    • maisie stewart says:

      @Priscilla Diamond ye

    • maisie stewart says:

      @TeeGee Kay because she is struggling here so we should be here support 😀

  2. Madison Swann says:

    Glad that the world is going to see what living with OCD is really like… thank you for opening up and sharing your story with the world.

  3. Meesha Malik says:


  4. Audrey Buchan says:

    My schedule for the next 5 days is sitting here on my bed waiting

  5. Lele Pons says:

    Thank you everyone for supporting me. I hope you enjoy this docu-series and learn about OCD, Tourettes, and other things. LIKE the video if you watch it! I’ll see you next Tuesday for episode 2 🙂

  6. Salma Alissa 7g4 says:

    Honestly I thought ocd was a totally different thing I thought It was only about perfection thank you soo much for educating me

  7. Nina Graceffo says:

    To everyone who disliked this video..

    Lele is struggling and OCD is a hard thing! She is trying here best

    Love you

  8. Nerea Baciu says:

    😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️nosotros te amamos muchisimo !!!!!

    • Amvreish Cugrose says:

      Transalation pls

    • Inez Baptista-Coelho says:

      Amvreish Cugrose we love you so much

    • love Grace says:

      Jesus Christ loves you call. Salvation is in His Name. Amen.

      Jesus Christ died for us and rose again. Believe and be saved today. Amen.

      OCD seems bad but there’s actually much good with it. I believe there is a spiritual significance to it. For example, not going when you feel that feeling compelling you to not go. When you finally do go, you realize that you just avoided a bad accident. Had you not obeyed the direction of the spiritual pull, you would have been there in the accident. Much love in Christ Jesus.

  9. Ruth Ndegwa says:

    I’m just proud of her for being capable to handle herself through school and home life like life is hard and she still made it to the top. kudos to you I applaud.

  10. familie ZILVER says:

    Lele you are SO strong and I’m glad that you shared this with us. GOD has a plan for you. And i am so happy that you stay positive.

  11. Serena Roberts says:

    Finally something REAL. I had honestly never respected her before and this video is already changing my mind. I guess she’s right, I didn’t really see her as a person. I saw her as a product. I regret that now. I’m in tears and all I wanna do is hug her.

  12. Danica King says:

    I’m crying because this is so powerful.😢

  13. Mihaela Parvanova says:

    I never realised that this amazing talanted girl has been dealing with OCD. I am so proud of her that she is have been dealing with it and beating it little by little. Good job Lele! We love you!

  14. Aesthetic VIRGO says:

    BRO WHOEVER DISLIKED, WE COULD FIGHT 😡 Lele you inspire me so much 🥺🥰 I hope you are better 🥺

  15. Its jazmine / says:

    To be honest i kinda knew it that she have ocd and adhd because my brother have it to and it hurts to see him struggle 💔

  16. Asma Mohamed says:

    I never never actually thought you were suffering from that illness, because lele you made us laugh, actually every time I had a bad day I simply watch your videos and feel happiness again, I love you and support you no matter where country i’am right now, we all support you and wish you to be fine if allah says💪💜🌼.

  17. campbellpaul paul says:

    i stirred to cry this is how i feel i suffer from ocd and it’s so hard

  18. Faye Braaf says:

    I don’t know how to react during this video
    But I know that OCD id a this that people struggle with
    And I sad to see you like this but
    I know that you are loved by so many people
    And I just want to say
    I am proud ❤️✨😍

  19. Adriana Moiseenco says:

    I love how brave and confident lele is feeling about sharing her biggest secret BTW u ARE A QUEEN AT SINGING!!!! like wow u are beautiful full of fun comedy and so much more 8 can’t even name u are amazing stay brave stay sweet we support u lele and always will bc u are my queen and I love u so much ur amazing and never be afraid to express ur amazing personality(idk if I said that right😂) but lele I hope u see this bc u are one of the strongest most beautiful women I have ever seen ilove ur passion and ur vids obviously☺️☺️

  20. Fran A. says:

    I remember that when I was little I always had the need to arrange things, ornaments on the shelves because I felt that if I did not do it, it could fall on the floor and before sleeping I made sure that it was so.
    Now I no longer do it, somehow it was eliminated from my mind.

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